Beginner DJ Or Just Want To Mix Music For Fun? DEX 3 LE Is Free DJ Software Designed For You!

free dj software for beginner DJs

For nearly 18 years now PCDJ products have been used by professional Club DJs, Mobile DJs and Karaoke Hosts in over 57 countries. We’ve built our brand and reputation as leading edge providers of live performance products.

Back when the Digital DJ revolution began, PCDJ offered two completely free DJ mixing software products in PCDJ PHAT and PCDJ Broadcaster. With over 3 million downloads and around 400,000 hours of use of our free versions over a short period of time it was clear — everyone wanted to mix music; they wanted to be the DJ.

In 2016 and we once again brought free DJ mixing software back to the masses with the release of DEX 3 LE (Limited Edition).

Built using the same underlying technologies found in big brothers DEX 3 and DEX RE, DEX 3 LE is user-friendly, free DJ software for beginner DJs. DEX 3 LE may be equipped with less overall features than PCDJ pro editions but it’s no slouch either, with functionality beyond many of the pay-for DJ software on the market today.

DEX 3 LE is a great solution for a beginner DJ to learn the basics of mixing music digitally on a computer. Not designed to be used with a DJ controller like our pro editions, you can mix efficiently with only a keyboard and mouse — use the LEARN feature to map keyboard shortcuts any way you deem fit.

Some of the more advanced features found in our free DJ mixing software are Beat-Grid based Beat-Sync, Automix (autoplay), Effects, Automatic Looping, Hot Cues, Automatic Gain Control, Scratching, support for your own music files (all formats), iTunes and Pulselocker — an in-app subscription that provides access to unlimited music right inside the DEX 3 LE browser. If you want to jump start your Digital DJ career or just want access to pretty much every song known to mankind, Pulselocker with our free DJ software make for a perfect pairing — just add your computer and you’re ready to start mixing just like a pro!

Beginner DJs now have a free DJ program that’s not just a toy. Hone your Digital DJ skills and mix like a pro with our free DEX 3 LE mixing software!


Compare DEX 3 DJ Mixing Software Editions

General Software Features

Windows and MAC SupportxXX
2 Players SupportxXX
4 Players SupportX
Pulselocker Streaming Subscription SupportxXX
VIDEO Mixing: Supports MP4, MPEG, AVI, MOV, MKV, WMVX
KARAOKE: Supports MP3+G (uncompressed)XX
Support For 80+ DJ Controllers (zero-configure)x – 10 Minute Intervals OnlyXX
MIDI LEARN – easily map midi controllers or keyboardxXX
Change pitch with 4 different ranges from +/-8%xXX
Pitch-Scaling for harmonic mixingX
High-Quality Time-Stretching (Key-Lock)Basic Key Lock OnlyX
Change Volume, Play, and Pause (instant-start) with low latency (2ms for ASIO, 10ms for DirectSound)xXX
Edit ID3v2 tagsxXX
Fast and accurate automatic BPM detection – On the Fly or Batch ProcessingxXX
Waveforms with beat-gridxXX
One-Click BPM Sync (BEAT-SYNC)xXX
Scratching (jog wheel, waveform, MIDI-controller)x – 10 Minute Intervals OnlyXX
Cue Points and Hot-CuesxXX
Beat-Stepping (Quantized)X
AUTOMIX full-automated autoplay and shufflexxX
Side-List For Automix/Shuffle and Karaoke Singers ListXX
Stereo VU meterxXX
Pre-Listening via headphonesxXX
Mix on an external mixerxXX
Record your mix in MP3, AIFF or WAVXX
Video Mix Recording (HD)X
Customizable Keyboard ShortcutsxXX
3-band equalizer with on the fly changeable frequenciesxXX
Quantized snap-to-beat LoopingxXX
Perceptual volume control (auto-gain)xXX
Filter EffectxXX
Direct MIC control through software (with talk over)XX
Internet Broadcasting Support (With Icecast)X
Key Stepper (for Karaoke – In Semitones)X
Video Link (link video to audio automatically)x
Video Effects And Video TransitionsX
Text, Image and Video Overlays (display on screen for audience) x



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