Beatsource | Most Played Tracks of 2021

Most Played Tracks by DJs in 2021

Yesterday, Beatsouce, the providers of Beatsource LINK, posted an article to their blog 2021 DJ Report: Most Played Tracks of the Year.

I always find top-played-track lists fascinating. Beatsource has subscribers all over the globe and DJs of all walks utilize their record pool service and Beatsource LINK, the streaming service baked into DEX 3. Still, the list of most played tracks in 2021 isn’t loaded with surprises. Most DJs, mixed format or club, will recognize the top played tunes and floor-fillers no matter their geo-location.

If you subscribe to Beatsource LINK and have access to the catalog, you can “SAVE” (to your library) any and all tracks in the posted list so the tracks are available in DEX 3 the next time you open the application.

Click the button below to review a set of charts that show what DJs played this year with Beatsource. As you may already know, Beatsource added DJ Edits to their catalog in 2021, so this year’s report includes a chart dedicated to most played edits, along with the most played tunes, remixes, and playlists.

If you’re new to Beatsource LINK, review this page to learn how the subscription streaming service works within the DEX 3 DJ software file browser.