Announcing the Winner of the Pioneer DDJ-SB3

Pioneer DDJ-SB3 Winner

First off, a massive thank you to all that purchased DEX 3 RE during the promotion for a chance to win the DDJ-SB3!

We drew a winner, bingo ball style, yesterday at PCDJ HQ.

The Winner of the Pioneer DDJ-SB3 DJ Controller is DJ Alex Locuras of New Jersey, USA.

We reached out to Alex yesterday to congratulate him and he replied: 

Thank you very much, I’m so exited for the gift. 

I’m a DJ, not professional, but I love music. That’s why I purchased a DJ equipment long time ago, and my first DJ software was PCDJ, (still the first one) that was long time ago, I will said like 10 year ago. I DJ mainly for family parties, and some close friend, but I always enjoy doing it…

Thank You!

No, thank you, Alex, and enjoy mixing music with DEX 3 RE and the DDJ-SB3.  It’s awesome to know all types of DJs, from hobbyists to pros, enjoy mixing DEX 3 RE. 🙂