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Announcing our New Partnership with BPM Supreme

DJ music and videos

We’ve partnered with BPM Supreme to provide DEX 3 users the best selection of music and videos — plus an exclusive offer!

BPM Supreme in DEX 3 DJ Software

BPM Supreme has rapidly become the industry leading provider of music and music videos for DJs. A natural paring for DEX 3 DJs, subscribe and download from a vast selection of HD quality videos and regular music.

You’re not renting access to music and videos when you subscribe to BPM Supreme. You keep what you download. Fill up your hard drive for only $19.99-a-month after you take advantage of our exclusive offer:

PCDJ customers get the first month (30 days) of the music and video subscription service completely FREE of charge when you use the following promo code when signing up:

Promo code:



All-Access Pass to the Latest Hits & Trending Artists


BPM Supreme distributes music to radio DJs, radio programmers, club DJs and professional DJs around the world. The music is received directly from the record labels, and then the BPM Supreme staff ensures that all content is high quality and DJ-ready. BPM Supreme uploads all of the newest music, in all popular genres, everyday.

Download the optimally encoded tracks and music videos and access them in DEX 3!


Hip Hop, Country, Pop, Latin, EDM… whatever it is, BPM Supreme makes sure that you’ll know the hottest songs in every genre.


BPM Supreme takes pride in being the only digital record pool that uploads everyday with the latest audio and video releases.


Never worry about losing a single song again. If you downloaded it from BPM Supreme, then you can quickly recover it.


Even though BPM Supreme has one of the largest collections of audio and video for DJs, BPM Supreme promises to never sacrifice quality. Download HD MP4 files optimally encoded for live performance with DEX 3!



Have questions about the BPM Supreme DJ music and video subscription service?  Please leave them in the comments section below!

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  1. BILLWASH918
    BILLWASH918 says:

    Nice to hear about the marriage, i subscribed to the Video Pool and used it once in three months, I’ve tried to locate it to grab more videos but I think its no longer in use? If not i didn’t receive any notice of the same.
    I guess i’ll sign up for the new service but i hope i won’t be charged for th vPool subscription.

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