Karaoke Cloud Pro Announcement | Beginning 3-3-17 FIFTY Karaoke Songs Will Be Added Weekly To The Karaoke Subscription Service

Karaoke Cloud Pro subscribers get 50 karaoke songs weekly

DigiTrax Entertainment, the Karaoke Cloud Pro karaoke subscription service provider, has announced that beginning on 3-3-17 fifty karaoke songs will be added to the service each-and-every Friday.

DigiTrax announced today that they are ramping up production and licensing efforts to ensure the selection of hit karaoke songs available to Karaoki and Karaoke Cloud Pro users is refreshed on a weekly basis. Starting next Friday (3-3-17) subscribers will receive 50 new karaoke songs each-and-every Friday thereafter at no additional cost ($49.99-a-month for the commercial karaoke subscription service). The new release schedule is aptly being referred to as “Fifty-Song Fridays”.

DigiTrax’s previous commitment to releasing 20 karaoke songs each week seemed, at least to us, a tall order having a general understanding of how difficult navigating the karaoke licensing landscape in the USA is right now. With a new commitment to releasing 50 songs weekly they’ve shattered our expectations; we’re ecstatic for what is means for Karaoki users that subscribe to the professional karaoke subscription service. As any working KJ knows it’s all about the tunes and filling singer requests – now subscribers can look forward to a growing karaoke catalog to search and select from.

We’ve upped our game, just like the best teams do at tournament time,” said Joe Vangieri, CEO of DigiTrax Entertainment, makers of Karaoke Cloud Pro. “In the next few days, we’ll be announcing a major new content initiative that doesn’t just rival anything any label – karaoke or traditional – is producing right now. It blows them all away.

DigiTrax Marketing manager also shared the following with us:

Today’s subscribers to Karaoke Cloud know that our service is a huge value to the up-and-coming KJ,” said David Grimes, Marketing Manager at DigiTrax Entertainment. “As we continue to build on our superb catalog of note-perfect karaoke songs, that value is only increasing, while the per-song costs to the KJ drop. Every single week you’re subscribed, the deal just gets better and better.

If you’re a new karaoke host, karaoke venue or a long-time karaoke host that needs a legal karaoke library they can use for public performance there is no better time to head into the cloud!

Please check back in with us here on the blog each Friday as we’ll be posting the 50-song-karaoke-list for your review.




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  1. Kirk
    Kirk says:

    is the karaoke cloud pro also licensed within australian rules or are there other legal requirements that are needed within Australia ?

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