DJ Tips | AccellCables PowerGenius Rotating Outlet USB Power Strip

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There are power strips, then there’s the AccellCables PowerGenius Rotating Outlet USB Power Strip (now that’s a name!).

When on a mobile event using various DJ equipment, lighting, TV or projector and your personal communication devices etc — your power consumption could run a small village. You also need to plug all that gear in, dealing with various sized power adapters and angles of entry.



The typical, standard power strip presents limitations such as power adapters covering up additional outlets – requiring you to use another power strip or more. Enter the AccellCables PowerGenius Rotating Outlet USB Power Strip.

The PowerGenius rotating power strip allows you to rotate all 6 included outlets, so power adapters of all sizes have ample leg room. The strip is also equipped with 2 USB outlets, with enough power for any mobile or tablet.

We were impressed by how well thought-through the AccellCables power strip design is (I ordered one today) we felt compelled to share.  It’s an ideal power strip for any DJ on the go.

Here are further details on the strip from the manufacturer:

Rotating Power Outlets are Power Adapter Friendly

The PowerGenius Rotating Outlet Surge Protector with Dual USB Charging provides six power outlets that rotate on a 180 degree axis, leaving no wasted space when using bulky power adapters. Quickly charge your tablet, smartphones or other mobile devices using the built-in dual USB charging ports. The dual USB charging ports support up to 2.4A (shared) of high-speed charging. This is enough power to quickly charge 2 smartphones simultaneously or a tablet at full-speed. The dual USB charging ports are surge protected, designed to stop harmful power surges from reaching your valuable mobile electronics.

  • 6 Rotating and Surge Protected Outlets
  • Dual USB Charging Ports (2.4A Shared)
  • 1080 Joules of Surge Protection
  • Power Stop Surge Capacity Detection
  • X3 MOV Fireproof Technology
  • Flexible 6ft Grounded Power Cord
  • Noise Reduction Filter for Clean Power

Noise Reduction Filter for Optimum Sound and Picture Quality

PowerGenius AC power line noise rejection technology isolates your audio and video equipment from power generated noise. Dirty power can show up in your picture as static or crackling in your audio. By using clean power, your audio and video (OR DJ and Video Mixing gear) system will provide the best possible picture and sound quality.