A Look Ahead: What’s In Store for PCDJ In 2015

2014 was a largely successful for the PCDJ brand, but it’s already been a week since was brought to a close — time to look ahead at what the future holds…

Last year we released a new core DJ software platform which is already available in PCDJ DEX 3, the foundation for our next 5-10 years of upgrades.  Our Karaoki karaoke software received many notable updates, and we forged a new partnership with SongbookDB – a remote singer/song request system for karaoke.  Now that our DJ software “foundation” is built, and Karaoki is more robust than ever, what’s next in line for PCDJ? 

Let’s take a glimpse into the future.

Here are some items you can expect to see from PCDJ this year

DJ Software: Continue to grow DEX 3, introduce RED Mobile 3 and a new Tablet DJ App

DEX 3 now has a solid core in the new 3.2 release, and we’ve steadily introduced new features in each update over the last 8 weeks.  We’re just getting revved up.  You can expect updates and new features every 30-45 days.

Some of the “to-do list” items for DEX 3 include more video mixing effects, transition effects, visualizations, live camera feed support, slide-show, improvements to the GUI (IE: frequency colored waveforms), support for more DJ controllers and various browser upgrades.  In-app music subscriptions are all the craze today, and we plan to offer a subscription that not only provides access to millions of songs, but is DJ specific (so commercially viable for public performance).

In the coming weeks we will launch RED Mobile 3 — bringing the product inline with DEX 3’s core code.  You’ll get all the benefits of the new DEX 3 browser in RED Mobile 3, including the new “side list” and karaoke singers list.  Just like DEX 3, its full 64bit for both MAC and Windows – with a new retina display supported dynamically re-sizing skin.

The code used for DEX 3 (and soon RED Mobile 3) has been designed to be deploy-able to any OS — so you can also expect a major upgrade to our DJ DEX app (iPad) and the introduction of an Android version, too.  The tablet DJ software versions will be right on par with the features included in our MAC and PC products, but likely minus video mixing for starters.

Karaoke Software: Karaoki…on a MAC? 

Karaoki has been a big hit for Pro KJs globally, with users now in 56 different countries.  It’s one of PCDJ’s most successful applications of all time, and we closed out the year with a bang.  The SongbookDB integration means no more printing hundreds of pages for a songbook (and having to do so every time you update your library).  Singers browse, search and make song request right from their phone (Android, iPhone and web-app supported) — and those request pop up in Karaoki directly.  It’s tight integration, and it’s awesome.  But what’s next?

We get calls about it all the time.  There is simply no in-depth professional karaoke software for MAC…and we’re aiming to fix that.  We’ve spent much of 2014 designing our own decoder for CDG support on MAC, and this year we’ll release our first version of Karaoki for OSX.  We’re also seeking new content partners to build on what’s already available in Karaoki today (Karaoke Cloud Pro, Select-A-Track Store etc), and there will be some changes to how the library/browser works in Karaoki, too.  As usual, updates will be posted often — and we’ll continue our public beta tests, allowing KJs to help dictate how Karaoki should grow.

Yes, this is just a glimpse of what’s in store for 2015 – but we wanted to throw you a bone!   Keep checking the blog for more updates, and here’s to a fantastic and forward-thinking 2015!  

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  1. axel
    axel says:

    Karaoki is a great program, i love it.
    I understand that you want to focus on Pro with the cloud based songbook, BUT…

    We are a lot of private users (i guess) that use remote request, since a monthly fee is to much to pay for us that use it to party’s. I use the remote, but then i need a laptop more to run the client and when there’s many guests it is crowded around it. Also some do not like to go and use my laptop, but if it was their own mobile….no problem

    I will like to suggest that you develop Remote request further, so it can be used on guests own mobile phone – Android or what ever. I would happily pay a one time license for a Remote, if it can run like your cloud songbook, but only locally.

    Thank you for a great Karaoki – the best.

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Thanks Axel! The singers request app works on android and iOS, both versions are free to download. There is a remote request app for both platforms for you, the KJ, too. You’d receive requests that way if you can’t have your Karaoki gig machine online. There’s not much the platform can’t do, it’s a great value at 19 a month (14 if purchased annually). Search the App Store or Google play for “Songbookdb” to find the apps!

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