A Look Ahead At Some Of Our Goals For 2017

PCDJ Goals for 2017
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What’s in store for the PCDJ brand and supported services in 2017?

Last week we provided a look back at various highlights and brand milestones from last year — now let’s turn our focus on the future and take a look at what’s in store for PCDJ in 2017.

The DJ software and karaoke software markets are more competitive today than ever before, and as a pioneer in this industry we’re well aware the competition is always taking note. Thus, we can’t let the proverbial cat out of the bag on all the tricks up our collective sleeve, but we can break a few things down for you to wet your beak…


Goals For PCDJ In 2017


MAC & Windows DJ Software Lineup: DEX 3, DEX 3 RE and DEX 3 LE

Release version 3.8 — A major core upgrade to our DEX 3 lineup, 3.8 will strengthen existing features while bringing DJs a new beat-lock/sequencing engine that will account for varied tempo changes and as such, work better with more genres and abstract beats. A new advanced method for correcting and editing BPMs and the beat-grid will also be included.

Users will receive new “daytime” editions of the default DEX 3 skins as well as an additional skin update that will provide direct access to text, image and video overlays and their controls.

Beyond 3.8, we’ll be focusing significant development effort on upgrading DEX 3’s karaoke capabilities — including more singer rotation options, singer/song history, Karaoke Cloud Pro support and more. Our goal is for DEX 3 to be a pro KJs go-to all-in-one mixing solution of choice by the end of the year.

New video based features are also on the way, including visualizations and new animations that are sure to add punch to video mixing sets.

We’ll continue to release bug fixes and maintenance releases, as well as add support for as many new DJ controllers we can get our hands on.

That’s a look at what’s in store for the MAC and Windows DJ software lineup for 2017.  There will be more, and development can be a fluid thing – so we’ll keep our ear to the ground and continue to listen to our customers needs to ensure we’re providing you with the right solution to take on any gig, in any environment.


Release iOS And Android Version Of DJ DEX 

When we set out to create the DEX 3 and DEX 3 RE platform two years ago we already had an eye on the future. Due to increased performance and flexibility, tablets are coming on strong as viable options for live performance and could very well replace laptops as the primary method to DJ with this year.

The way our DJ software is coded allows for deployment on any OS. It comes down to the interface and just a few custom tweaks.

We posted a teaser a few weeks back about our revamped, and truly totally new, DJ DEX app for iOS (Android will come shortly after) that you can check out here.

The DJ DEX app will be released early this year and will include the bulk of functionality found in the Windows and MAC DEX 3 version, minus the video mixing and karaoke capabilities for starters. DJ DEX for iOS and Android should entice DJs to take a hard look at using a tablet as their primary DJ machine, or at the very least an excellent back up option.

We also plan to support the Pulselocker music subscription service in DJ DEX, providing users access and the ability to mix music from their massive catalog.


Upgrades To Karaoki And Supported Services

Karaoki is our karaoke show hosting software designed for professional KJs and karaoke venues. While 2016 saw quite a few additions to the platform via public beta releases, much of this year will be completing and adding further polish to those features.

We’ve partnered up with KaraoQ to offer in-Karaoki support for their modern remote singer/song request system.  Initial support was released in the previous Karaoki public beta, but the public will finally be able to get their hands on this game-changing combination. KaraoQ also facilitates many capabilities not found in similar systems on the market, such as enabling singers to pay for bumps, tip the DJ and a full-fledged marketing option for KJs and venues.  Bang it here to learn more about KaraoQ.

As part of the KaraoQ partnership we will also bring KaraoQ360 to market, a subscription based platform that includes a seamless integration of Karaoki, KaraoQ and Karaoke Cloud Pro. A trifecta of products that encompass everything a new KJ or karaoke venue needs to start hosting a karaoke night straight away.

A new karaoke store will be integrated in Karaoki for ala carte and on-the-fly purchasing and download.

Karaoke Cloud Pro support will also be improved so that the various content included with the service (karaoke files with lyrics, backing tracks and karaoke music trivia) will be separated by tabs – and KJs can choose whether or not to include specific content when using search.

Along with the content and partnerships Karaoki will receive a number of updates that include better support for video files, more background music (filler player) playback options and a number of other items we’ll keep the wrapping on, for now.  There is a fantastic on-going “wishlist” thread on the Karaoki forum we also plan to take some design cues from as well. Please keep the suggestions coming!


LYRX Karaoke Software For MAC Updates

LYRX has already found a home with KJs using MACs. While LYRX was originally designed with home and personal use in mind we’re finding more and more pro KJs purchasing the software to host karaoke professionally. With that in mind and after evaluating the feedback we’ve received  we will be beefing up LYRX’s pro-karaoke features throughout 2017.

LYRX is essentially DEX 3 as it uses the same underlying code, but with only the karaoke capabilities and single-deck support. Thus when we upgrade DEX 3 to support the new karaoke-specific features we listed above LYRX will receive the same treatment. LYRX will be the go-to solution for hosting karaoke on a MAC by the end of the year – write it down! 😉



Music, Video And Karaoke Services


DJs and KJs today are looking for all-inclusive solutions. They simply don’t want to use different DJ equipment and curate their music, karaoke and video content from various sources — that can be all too messy and time consuming.

In-app subscription services gained a strong foothold in the DJ and karaoke sector last year, with the Pulselocker music subscription service being adopted by DJs all over the globe. We expect in-app subscription services to becoming the primary method DJs, VDJs and KJs get their music by years end.

With Pulselocker DJs get it all — old music, brand new music, remixes and more without ever leaving DEX 3 or DEX 3 RE. If your connected to the net you can search all 44 million songs in the catalog — or download as many tracks to your hard drive as you wish for offline playback. You can see why it’s already a hit.

Pulselocker is continually upgrading their service and releasing new and improved SDK’s for us to integrate. We will stay on top of those updates and keep our users informed of all things new.

Additionally, Pulselocker will soon release an iOS app (Android later this year) that will allow subscribers to login and listen to music on the go, as well as create playlists from the app that automatically sync with DEX 3 or DEX 3 RE. Get inspired riding the subway, create a playlist, get home and fire up DEX 3 and it’s there ready to be mixed. Pretty cool, huh?

Karaoke Cloud Pro:

Digitrax Entertainment, the company behind the Karaoke Cloud Pro subscription service, has committed to releasing 20 tracks each-and-every-week through the end of 2017. That’s a huge commitment in a volatile karaoke market where licensing songs for karaoke is always a tall order. The weekly increase in karaoke content will surely make many Karaoki users of Karaoke Cloud Pro, and their singers, croon.

The Video Pool:

Our partners at The Video Pool plan to make their music video subscription service in-app accessible sometime in 2017. Just like Pulselocker, it would allow our crack team of coders to integrate the subscription in the DEX 3 browser so VDJs can search, stream and download music videos directly.



That’s a quick look ahead at some of our goals for 2017. Keep checking the blog for regular updates.

Here’s to exceeding all expectations in 2017 — Happy New Year!