DJ Tips | A List Of Rock Songs You Can Dance To #DJNTV (Video)

rock songs you can dance to

It’s not only pop, hip-hop and EDM that will get people on the dancefloor – Rock can still roll, and rule.

In this week’s two-part Tuesday Night Music Show on DJNTV, with Mobile DJs John Young and Brian S Redd, they dig deep into their virtual crates to offer a list of rock songs you can dance to.

Successful DJ events can often come down to just the right mix of music to keep party-goers engaged and sweating the night away on the funk floor. Sprinkling in all genres is often key, unless you’re DJing for an overlay specific audience.

Learning to transition from genre to genre is a highly important (practiced) skill, especially for mobile DJs that are required to serve of up an eclectic mashup of genres in most cases. The list of rock tracks you can dance to John and Brian provide in the two-part video below should help turn toe-tapping into full-on body gyration, and assist you in finding quality transitions to rock tracks from other music genres.

A DJ List Of Rock Songs You Can Dance To | DJNTV

Part One

Part Two


Have any rock songs to add to the list of rocks songs you can dance to? Please submit them in the comments section below!