9 Tips For Keeping The Dance Floor Packed At A Wedding

I’m usually less than enthralled by big-news blog attempts at providing insight into the DJ or Mobile DJ business, but this recent article posted at Brides.com truly hit home.

The article is titled: 9 Tricks To Keep The Dance Floor Packed At Your Wedding — and it’s target readers are brides-to-be.

I think all Wedding DJs should consider printing the article out and keeping it in their back pocket, or have readily available to forward by email to a prospective client, as it breaks down what truly goes into making sure the guests stay entertained and keep dancing. It’s not just about the music, although we’ll all agree that’s of course the most vital cog in the wheel.  The environment, layout and flow of the event all play a part in making sure cousin billy shakes a stanky leg.

Here’s their 9 points listed in order, click HERE to read the entire article at Brides.com where they elaborate on each point (Love #1!)

1. Listen to your DJ (Without question, of course!)

2. Create a floor plan conducive to dancing (this matters more than one would think)

3. Start the night off on a high note (First impressions set the tone)

4. Mix up the music  (no question!)

5. Make sure there’s a bar nearby (properly lubricated joints are a must)

6. Engage the audience (Sometimes you have to crack the whip)

7. Remember: Timing is everything  (From jokes to an event’s progression, be on point)

8. Provide free flats or flip-flops for female guests (truly awesome idea)

9. Make sure you and your groom are busting a move  (They are the catalyst)


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  1. Steven Gordon
    Steven Gordon says:

    One more tip: be flexible with the music and ALWAYS accept requests. If your music selection only includes music *you* like to enjoy, then you are leaving out that music that your guests will not be able to enjoy. Remember…it’s not just *your* event (no matter what the bride thinks),b ut please consider your guests also. Also, requests allow the DJ to interact with the guests and everyone has fun!

  2. Ray Sablosky
    Ray Sablosky says:

    I agree with Steven Gordon. I enjoy walking around to the tables, passing out Request Sheeets and talking with the Bride’s and Groom’s guests. It helps to break the ice with a Hello or Good Afternoon/Evening. (My) audiences enjoy it immensely when I dance with them (Hokey Pokey, Birdie, Hustle, etc.). Not every dance; but, here and there!

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