6 Powerful Daily Habits Of Successful Disc Jockeys (Video)

DigitalDJTips.com recently published an insightful article and accompanying video titled “The 6 Powerful Daily Habits Of Successful DJs” — which we felt was a great share for our PCDJ community.  You have the DJ software, you’ve got that shiny new DJ controller with all the bells & whistles, so what habit can you form to help propel you DJ career? 

DJing can clearly be a lot of fun (I don’t know too many jocks that have gotten into it for the money alone!), but if you want to be successful at it and grow your fan base you need to work at it. Forming a good set of DJ habits for practice sessions, schedules and time allotted for music discovery should be a priority if you want to take your DJ career seriously – or to begin one at all.

The headlines for each habit tip DigitalDJTips.com are:

  1. Stick to a schedule
  2. Practice early in your day
  3. Ask yourself what your “one thing” is
  4. Plan your next day the night before
  5. Intentionally discover new music
  6. Learn a new DJ trick

You can read the entire article HERE AT DigitalDJTips.com