5 Wedding Tips for Mobile DJs Video (With John Young of Disc Jockey News)

Often times on outside perspective can provide a clear picture of what not to do when DJing a wedding.  When John Young of Disc Jockey News attended a friends wedding last year he got just that.

As a Mobile DJ the cornerstone of your business is almost always Weddings/receptions.  They typically pay the most (providing you’re at least charging the average rate) and offer the most potential for package up-sell.   Do it right, and you’ll receive referrals – and as any seasoned Mobile DJ knows, there’s nothing better than word of mouth.  Build your clients trust and ensure party-goers enjoy the show, and one wedding can easily turn into 4 more.

In the impromptu video below (John was in his garage prepping for a DJ gig when he setup the camera and shot the video) John Young of Disc Jockey News offers 5 tips for DJing a Wedding.   From making sure your spotlight dances (father/daughter dance etc) are coordinated properly, to keeping a level head and playing popular song clean edits instead of explicit versions.   It’s a great watch for new Mobile DJs looking to break into the wedding business so you don’t make the same mistakes the DJ did at the reception John attended.

Watch 4 Wedding Tips for Mobile DJs with John Young of Disc Jockey News:

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  1. Jorge
    Jorge says:

    Hello! I am also a DJ. My wife and I did it part time for about 3 years and now we are going full time. Good tips. Common sense. Play what they want, never what you like. Last wedding we did was Country music only. It was terrible to stay with one genre but everybody was having a good time singing and dancing. Stay clean! NO EXPLICIT MATERIAL! Most people do not want to listen to the F word! Look sharp, dress sharp! Thank you!

  2. M.C.E.D. In The Place To Be.
    M.C.E.D. In The Place To Be. says:

    Great tips , I am a veteran DJ 15 years . And I do all of that all the time . But it NEVER hurts to listen to other DJ’s , Your Never to Young Or Old to learn something new ..

  3. Tina F.
    Tina F. says:

    Thank you so much for re-affirming some things that I try to stick to. These are some things that worry me when attending weddings and not deejaying…A couple of things I do to help me are: I have a questionnaire that the bride and groom fill-out that has some specific questions as to what they want AND I include the Bride and Groom’s name in the Playlist Name (ie. BryanBarbStraussWedding). Thanks again!!!

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