5 Unique Things You May Not Know About Our Karaoke Software

A couple weeks back our lead designer for our DJ mixing software chimed in with 5 unique things he liked about the software he creates.  This week we sat down with our Karaoki karaoke software designer to ask him the same question — What are 5 unique and strong points of Karaoki versus the competition?

Karaoki has been going strong for almost 7 years and is PCDJ’s most robust and best karaoke show hosting software, ever.   Updates come free of charge to paid users and include both new features and overall performance improvements.  We’ve also recently teamed up with SongbookDB so singers can make song request right from their phone.  Much of what’s included in the software is based on user requests and feedback, and our Karaoki user forum is a popular platform for users to voice their opinions and ‘wants‘.  We invite all users to share with us their feature requests and ideas.

But this article isn’t about what we or you want, it’s about what our lead Karaoki programmer feels propels Karaoki to be the most used karaoke software globally.  So without further ado…


Developer Speak | 5 Unique Things You May Not Know About PCDJ Karaoki


  1. Auto Karaoke mode.
    When enabled this enables the KJ to spend more time engaged with his singers, this mode is also great for home users and Karaoke kiosks.
  2. Remote Connections interface.
    Karaoki can be connected to by external applications; this enables plugins and external controllers (local and remote) such as the SongbookDB plugin and Remote Terminal app to work with Karaoki. This interface is very expandable and will have more functionality added in due course, making it a very powerful aid to developing Karaoki future potential.
  3. SongbookDB plugin integration.
    This allows users to send requests from their mobile devices (or any internet browser) and have them placed straight into Karaoki’s rotation, when used in conjunction with auto karaoke mode makes for a fully automated system. (learn more about SongbookDB)
  4. Type anywhere search.
    With Karaoki you don’t have to click on the search box to search for tracks, as long as Karaoki’s main screen is the active screen you just need to type!!
  5. HD+ support.
    Karaoki supports the new HD+ format video Karaoke files, these are HD MP4 Karaoke video files that have two stereo sound tracks, the first is the standard karaoke instrumental track, and the second track is the same as the first track but also has the vocal, Karaoki can detect these files and gives users the options to choose the audio track. The system is similar to multiplexed CD+G karaoke but with HD video and stereo audio; Traditional multiplex Karaoke is only mono.  (learn more about HD+ Karaoke File support)

What are your favorite features included with our karaoke software?  Please feel free to leave your comments below!