5 Tips for Your DJ Website

Your DJ website is a reflection of you and your professionalism.  

Before getting involved with PCDJ in '99, I went to school for graphic design and dabbled in some web design.   I consider myself a very visual person.  While I've most certainly been wrong to rush to a conclusion solely on aesthetics, I'll judge a company or service based on the book cover — never even reading the preface.

Your DJ website is one of the single most important sales-people you'll have for your Mobile DJ or Club DJ services.   How it looks (They say people will form an opinion of a business based on look and feel within 15 seconds of viewing), the content included and the ability to update it often are all very important for a successful DJ website.

Here are my 5 tips for your DJ Website:

1) Domain Name: Your Website Name

Pick out and purchase a domain name that is not only relevant to your DJ business, but one that's easy to remember and refer.  So we're clear, www.pcdj.com is a domain name (URL).  A domain such as www.starmakersdjs.com for instance is better than www.star-makers-djs.net – the more simplified and short in many cases the better.  

Domains can be purchased from sites like GoDaddy.com and/or Dotster.com, although I'd recommend hosting your website separately from where you purchase your domain.  While it does seem to be easier to host the domain with the same company you purchased it from, if you ever want to move the domain over to a new hosting platform it can be more difficult and costly.   I'm a big fan of Hostgator.com for domain hosting, which is what we use for PCDJ.com.


2) Content Management System: Creating And Maintaining Your DJ Site Is Easier than You Think

First impressions are everything when you're looking to land a prospective client for your DJ services.   You'll most surely want to refer them to your website.   Not only do you want a clean and visually appealing design, you want to keep it fresh with new images, testimonials and other relevant content.   You can do this yourself!   No need to hire a web designer (although getting the platform installed initially may be something you want to reach out for some assistance with).     

I suggest WordPress (www.pcdj.com is also a WordPress site!) for managing all your images and website content, and read-made theme's are plentiful and can be truly visually stunning.   Basically, a WordPress theme is a template — all the framework for the site, the layout and many times come with gallery plug ins and the like to create beautiful photo galleries.  Here are the seach results for "DJ" on Themeforest.net, a popular WordPress theme site.   Once you've installed a clean and professional theme you think fits best with what your DJ business wants to convey, it's as easy as logging into the back end and swapping out text and images whenever necessary.   It's a WYSIWYG system, one that any DJ should be able to easily manage themselves.    


3)  Your DJ Bio

ABS = "Always Be Selling".   The fact is, your client for your DJ service is buying you.   You're selling yourself.   A precise bio about yourself and your experience as a DJ should be clearly listed on your site, and both your name (and/or DJ name) and a picture in your best DJ gear (dress to impress if you're a Mobile DJ business).   If you have a picture of you behind your gear mixing it up, post that with your DJ Bio too.  Seeing is believing, so make sure it's a quality picture, in focus, with a packed dance floor in front of you.  It's easy for your client to picture you DJing their event, and they want their guest to have a great time just like the people in that photograph.


4) Testimonials About Your Magical DJ Abilities and Service

When it comes to making the bride or client hiring you comfortable with their selection, nothing beats a quality testimonial.   Make sure your website navigation has a clearly listed menu for "Client Testimonials" front-and-center.   Any personal "thank you" letters or the like can be used on your testimonial page.   I highly recommend after every successful DJ event you ask the client for a testimonial.   Update your website with any new testimonials whenever possible; use only the most flattering and remove older entries to keep things fresh.   Whenever possible post a picture of the client/clients or event photo along with the testimonial.  Again, this creates an image of a real-life event and relationship, putting your prospect in the comfort buying-zone.  


5) Your DJ Website Should Have Pictures And Video

Take pictures and shoot video at your DJ events (clear it with the client first!) and post them to your website.   I think you should get the common theme here — image is everything.  People are more visual than ever, and we live in a world where we eat and breath multimedia.  Seeing quality photos and/or video clips of your various events (mix it up with various themes if you can) puts your client there.  Dedicate seperate pages on your DJ website for event photos and event videos.  If you have the funds to higher a videographer to create a DJ company "hype-video" with music and text overlay, do it!   Post the company hype-video to your website home page, it will become your best sales person.     Still, have a page for event videos, and one for event photos (Many WordPress themes have great photo gallery plug ins built in for a great browsing experience).  

One more thing (5 Tips For Your DJ Website sounded better than 6 Tips!) – make sure you have a "Contact Us" page that's easy to find (any page on your site should also be found within three clicks MAX!) with a email webform for contact, and any business phone number you want listed.  

I hope this post helps you create a better DJ website that builds your brand image and lands you more customers!