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5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of DJ DEX – The iPad DJ Mixing App

5 tips for using DJ DEX for iPad

The much anticipated V2 of DJ DEX is now available in the App Store — and we’ve got a few tips to ensure you get the most out of the professional DJ app for iPad.

5 Tips for Getting the Most out of DJ DEX

  1. Use a Supported DJ controller

    Almost 100 DJ controllers are supported by DJ DEX (from Pioneer, Numark, Denon, Hercules, American Audio, Reloop, Gemini, Akai, Vestax, etc). No configuration needed — but you do need the iPad Camera Kit connector or a Lightning to USB adapter to connect the controller to your iPad. You must use a DJ Controller that consume very little power (so that the iPad can power them) or have their own power adapter. Look for a class-compliant controller (with iPad support) such as these options:– DDJ-SB3 from Pioneer DJ
    – WeGO4 from Pioneer DJ
    – DDJ-WeGO3 from Pioneer DJ
    – Universal DJ Controller from Hercules DJ
    – Beatpad 2 from Reloop
    – MIXON 4 from Reloop
    – DJ2Go from Numark
    – DJ2Go2 from Numark
    – Mixdeck Quad from Numark

  2. DJ DEX Search Tip

    Use these wildcards in the search box to more easily locate tracks of the same BPM etc. 
    – b098 — search all songs with BPM 98
    – k10A — search for key 10A
    – y199 — search for all songs in the 90’s (eg. 1990, 1991 … 1999)
    Also, you can combine them:
    eg. if you want to search all Dance songs with bpm 128 from the 90’s in key 10A you do:
    – Dance b128 y199 k10A

  3. Optimize for Performance:

    Turn on “Airplane Mode” when doing live mixes for less resource consumption and optimal performance.

  4. Headphone pre-fade listening without a DJ Controller

    If you need both speakers and headphones preview and you don’t have a multi-channel audio interface (such as this one) or controller you can use a special inexpensive “splitter” that splits the headphones output so that the left channel will go to the speakers (master output) and right channel will go to the headphones (monitor).

  5. Make sure you have downloaded your iTunes songs/library to the iPad hard drive

    DJ DEX doesn’t work with cloud-stored files (yet). So be sure to open up the music app on your iPad and download songs manually or use iTunes settings to make sure songs are automatically downloaded on the iPad.

Have questions about the DJ DEX iPad DJ app?  Leave them in the comments section below!