5 Reasons You Should Use Our DJ Software

The DJ software market has become a highly-competitive one, which is a great thing for DJs — competition drives innovation.

When we started this thing in ’98 there were only two other similar products for mixing MP3 files available, and PCDJ was at the forefront for professionals.  In partnership with Numark, we co-launched the first commercially sold DJ controller.  The Numark DMC-1 (Digital Media Controller) with PCDJ RED 5.2 helped bridge the gap between traditional methods of Djing (Vinyl/CD’s) and digital technology.  DJs had tactile control over digital files, and thus the revolution began.

In the beginning everything was innovative, as are most things new.  Today PCDJ continues to innovate in the DJ software space, and considering how competitive it’s become it’s sometimes hard for you, the DJ, to easily spot what sets different DJ software products and companies apart.

The purpose of this post is to help define what makes PCDJ great, and why you should use our DJ software over other available options.

5 Reasons You Should Use Our DJ Software

  1. Longevity – We’ve been doing this for near to 17 years now.  We are dedicated to our brand, this business and our customers.  We’re all currently DJs or were DJs at some point, this is our passion.
  2. Design Goals –  DEX 3 and the new version 3 platform is a culmination of experience and user feedback over the years.  We’ve been very deliberate with our long term planning with the new platform.  The new “code” utilized in DEX 3 is now deploy-able to any operating system.  This means full blown tablet versions are on the way this year, and there is one code to update and deploy.   This will allow us to move much faster than typical when designing updates and new features.  Instead of working on MAC today, and PC tomorrow etc – we work on one code base that will work exactly the same no matter what platform you use.  (To that end, another benefit is when you buy DEX 3 or RED Mobile 3 you can use the one issued license code to activate the software on both OS’s)
  3. Custom Everything – All the code written for the version 3 platform is self-reliant, our DJ software is not using any of the built in features of the OS it’s running on. Our custom sound engine is sonically fantastic, and users of other software when comparing have been quick to point out that “It Just Sounds Better”.   This goes from high-performance algorithms like our Key Lock (which is also one of the best you’ll hear, and noticeably better than in past PCDJ software products), to more mundane and simple tasks like “multi-track selection”.   Since it’s all our own code, we don’t rely on third parties to update their product so ours works as intended.  If it’s broke, we can fix it, and fix it now.
  4. DEX 3 Mixes Everything – If you’re a DJ looking to mix various media; audio, music videos and host karaoke — DEX 3 is an excellent and affordable option.   While other DJ software products are exclusive for one thing or another, or offer additional plug-ins or add-ons to receive support for other types of media mixing, DEX 3 does it all.  DEX 3 just turned 16 weeks old, so it’s a relative baby in the DJ software space.   It’s already robust and feature-packed with all the key features Digital DJ have come to expect, but we’re truly just getting started.   Next up is visualizations, and then we’re focusing on bringing some of the more advanced karaoke features to the software (singer/song history, true rotation management etc).   Updates come every month and include new features and support for DJ controllers (over 75 DJ controllers from top brands in the business are now natively supported!
  5. Customer Support – As previously noted, our team members are either still actively DJing, or were DJs before they started with PCDJ full-time.  We know what it means to DJ in front of an audience that expects perfection.   To that end, we know that receiving support for a technically advanced products such as DEX 3 is paramount to many DJs.  You want to be confident in the product you’re using, and the company behind it.  We’re here to help, and pride ourselves on offering support that extends well beyond canned-responses.  Our staff are all knowledgeable, and ready to lend a hand.   We also have a great PCDJ YouTube channel where we upload new tutorial videos regularly.  While it’s not exactly customer support, we also offer free updates for the life of the product – so if you purchase DEX 3 or RED Mobile 3 you’ll receive updates free of charge  (as users of version 2 also received version 3 completely free).   If we find a problem, we’ll fix it, and you’ll download the update.


I probably should have considered including 5 more reasons as once my wheels started turning there’s a lot more that comes to mind here. This post is already wordy enough so I’ll save it for next time…