5 Karaoke Software Tips – PCDJ Karaoki

Karaoke Software is the standard method for professional KJs hosting karaoke shows.   Hardware based karaoke players sales are down, karaoke software sales are way up. The reasons for the shift are pretty obvious.  

Karaoke software makes it easier to manage a show with in-depth singer management, singer rotation, singer history and a plethora of other features that help manage a karaoke show with confidence and ease.  Get a request, do a quick search and send the track to the singer rotation – easy to use karaoke software is clearly loads more efficient than traditional CDG hardware karaoke players.    

PCDJ Karaoki is our flagship karaoke software, and the number one selling karaoke software for professional KJs globally.   The feature depth is rich.  So much so that there are often features that are overlooked.   My plan is to write one blog post a month about handy karaoke software tips when using PCDJ Karaoki – highlighting some of the lesser known or documented features  

5 Karaoke Software Tips – PCDJ Karaoki:

  1. Right Click With Your Mouse In the Search Box For Search Options:  

    When you right-click with your mouse in the search box window you'll immediately receive a pop-up box with various search options ranging from what fields you want search to scan while performing the search, to the ability to also search your background music cases.  


  2. Creating And Saving Multiple "Background Music Cases" In The Background Music Player:  

    The BGM player in our karaoke software automates buffer music in between singers and sets.  The BGM functions much like a jukebox, autoplaying or shuffle playing through a case (playlist).  When you start a song in the karaoke player, the BGM player will automatically fade out – and will start back up if you stop the karaoke player.    Ideally, each "case" or otherwise playlist in the BGM section in Karaoki (BGM button at the bottom of Karaoki will take you to the background music section of the software) should only contain around 1000 songs.  So, the BGM cases act more like playlists than a music database of all your tunes.     

    You can easily create multiple cases in the BGM section that can be swapped out on the fly for another case.   Here is how:

    – Enter the BGM section by clicking BGM.  Click "Add Songs" and "Scan Folder"  from the bottom left menu (browser section)
    – From the "Browse For Folder" pop-up menu select a folder with music in it you wish to import, then click "OK" and "Import Now"
    – This will scan the entire selected folders contents — and any subfolders under it as well — into the BGM case/library.
    – Now, to save the list simply right-click anywhere in the track listing area of the case (where you see the songs) and select the option "Save Case As"
    – Name the case and click OK.  It's now saved.
    – Now, you can right click again in the case (track list area where you see the songs) and select clear case.  Click OK to clear. 
    – Now you can repeat the import process and create a new case (list) of music, and once again right-click and "Save Case As" to save it. 
    – You can now easily open up and swap cases in the BGM – just right-click in the case (track list area again) and select "Load Case" — you will now see a list of all the cases you've created so far, and clicking on any one of them will instantly load the case.

    We suggest you create cases based on your locations and clientele.  Using the BGM is then easy, simply click BGM to enter into the BGM player section in Karaoki when you start your show – click the "Play" button and it will run all night, pausing when you're playing a karaoke song and playing when you're not. 


  3. Adding In Singers – There's More Than One Way To Do It:  

    When you drag a singer into the karaoke singers rotation list in PCDJ Karaoki you'll be prompted to enter in a singers name.  This is one way to enter in singers on-the-fly as they come up the first time to make a song request.    However, you can easily enter singers using the "Singer Data" screen.  Here's how:

    – Click the "Singer Data" button at the bottom of PCDJ Karaoki (the button looks like a person's head with an arrow pointed at it, and it's located adjacent to the "H" history button)
    – Click the "New" button in the bottom left corner of the pop-up menu
    – You can now either select an existing singer to edit from a list, or enter in a new name.  Enter in the singers name at this time.
    – Also, you can input contact info for your singer in this screen as well – which will allow you to keep them informed of your future karaoke nights and shows

    Now the newly created singer profile will show in the "Select Or Add Singer" box when sending a song to the karaoke singer rotation list. 


  4. Easily Export Your Karaoke Lists (Cases) To Import Into Excel (or other spreadsheet application) For Creating SongBooks:    

    You don't need third-party software when you purchase PCDJ Karaoki to create professional song books for your customers.  Exporting to a "TSV file" from our karaoke software is easy, watch this video tutorial on how it's done: 


  5. MultiPlex MP3+G Files And Adjusting (or Muting) Lead Vocals:    

    Our karaoke software allows you to play multiplex MP3+G (or zipped MP3+G files) and mute and adjust the lead vocals heard on the track. Multiplex format includes  Lead Vocals on the Left Channel.    Here's how you use the Multiplex feature:

    – In the very top left corner of PCDJ Karaoki's skin look for the button labeled "M".   Click it to turn it on (it will show in orange once activated)
    – Now you can adjust volume for the lead vocal channel how you see fit.   If the knob volume slider next to the "M" button is all the way down, you shouldn't hear any lead vocal — with it all the way up you should hear the lead vocal channel at full volume.


This concludes this months edition of karaoke software tips: PCDJ Karaoki.  I hope you'll find this useful!   If you have any questions about any of these features please feel free to post to the comment section below.  

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