PCDJ 2014: End Of The Year Review

As we countdown the final minutes of 2014 and look forward to what 2015 will bring in the way of new DJ software innovations, let’s take a glimpse back at some of the PCDJ highlights this year.

First off, it’s been a banner year for both our DJ software and karaoke software technologies.  We have you, our customer to thank for that.  This business is driven by word of mouth, DJs confide in other DJs — no level of creative marketing can compete.

We’re not the biggest DJ software developer out there. We’re a fairly small and tight team, but we’ve been doing this DJ software thing since the beginning in 1998 and we take a ton of pride in and have passion for designing top-notch solutions for professional entertainers.  It seems many of you agree, and referrals have been a big part of our business.   So again, THANK YOU!

Here are some of the most notable highlights this year. In the coming week we’ll follow this post up with a look forward to what’s to come in 2015 for our PCDJ product line:

DJ Software: The Launch of PCDJ DEX 3

DEX 3 combines years of development experience with user feedback. It’s our vision realized, going as far back as the early days when “no one would ever DJ with a computer“. DEX 3 is a #MixEverything DJ mixing software solution for DJs of today, and tomorrow.   One solution to mix all media formats.   It’s founded on all new code, and the core platform for the next 5-10 years of future updates.

Some of the notable features/improvements include industry leading key-lock, reliable beat-sync, a dynamic skin (with retina display support), new “side-list”, support for many top DJ Controllers, 64bit platform support for both MAC and Windows, video mixing and quite a few karaoke hosting features.  We just launched the new 3.2 release of DEX, which now includes video mixing recording. We’re just getting started…

Karaoke Software: Karaoki Updates and SongBookDB

When we created our first karaoke software for professional KJs in 2003, it was truly an afterthought — a simple plugin for our DJ software.  PCDJ Karaoki was launched nearly 7 years ago and has grown into the most robust and feature-packed karaoke hosting platform on the market.  It’s a cornerstone of our business, with users in over 65 countries.

This year Karaoki received many free updates, including better integration with Karaoke Cloud Pro (pro karaoke subscription), a host of new rotation modes for better singer/song management, a number of performance improvements including support for very large libraries, and the new remote-request plugin for SongbookDB — enabling KJs to receive song requests via the internet from singers phones. Even with all the new features and improvements, we’ve stuck to our design goals. Karaoki is still streamlined and easy to navigate on the job, with a lot under-the-hood.  2015 will bring quite a few new features and additional OS support, but that’s a discussion for another post. 

Music Services: The Video Pool and iDJPool

We set a goal early 2014 to be a one-stop source for DJs software and content needs, and while we’re working towards more direct integration with our various software products in 2015 we feel we’ve accomplished that goal.

TheVideoPool has been a cost-effective professional music video download service our DEX 3 users have really jumped on. For $34.99 a month, a DJ/VJ can download 200 videos of their choice, in HD MP4 quality.  They have unique and incredible remixes of the most popular music video releases over the last year available.  We’ve enjoyed working with them and have been told some big things are in store for the download store in 2015.

The iDJPool has worked with us for a few years now, but this year we agreed to find new ways to provide PCDJ customers a taste of the service for little to no cost.  Over the last month DEX 3 customers were treated to one free month of the VIP subscription, which provided them with over 10,000 songs (2 years of back catalog).  The iDJPool now includes Country and Pop genres as part of the VIP offer, so if you see the track on a Billboard chart you can bet it’s in the pool.


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  1. huckjam
    huckjam says:

    The pcdj and songbookdb integration is a work of art. I have been using songbookdb for a long time since it makes printed songbooks a thing of the past and I always just used my tablet to receive the request and queue the song manually as if I was recivieng a paper request slip on pcdj. Now all I have to do I click add and bam its in the rotation no more searching for the song and adding it manually I love it now I’m not sure what do do with all the time I was spending entering songs. I have a kiosk setup and that is the key because seniors and smart phones don’t mix but a kiosk that they can just walk up to and search without having to login or install on their phones make it very easy and non intimidating. It works so well I rarely ever get a question about how to use it there is no way to mess up it just works. Thanks so much your number 1 fan out of Sarasota.

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