New Year, New Week And 20 New Karaoke Songs Have Been Added To Karaoke Cloud Pro!

Karaoke Cloud Pro Song List Update 1-2-17

Hey KJ, Are you “Keeping The Faith“?

It’s a new year, new month and a new week — “And So It Goes“; Another 20 karaoke songs have been added to the professional karaoke subscription service for the modern karaoke host — Karaoke Cloud Pro!

Heaven Can Wait” as it’s never been more fun and trouble-free hosting karaoke with Karaoki + Karaoke Cloud Pro.  With the utmost “Honesty“, it’s truly the perfect duet of karaoke software and karaoke music!

Yeah, “I Go To Extremes” posting about Karaoke Cloud Pro on the blog from time to time, but who can blame me? Worlds greatest karaoke subscription service is a “Dead Ringer For Love“!

Get these tracks below and 3,100 more when you subscribe to Karaoke Cloud Pro for PCDJ Karaoki!


New Karaoke Songs This Week In Karaoke Cloud Pro 1-2-17

C18732 Healing Hands Elton John
C18733 Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad Meat Loaf
C18734 Heaven Can Wait Meat Loaf
C18736 Burn Cure, The
C18739 Dead Ringer For Love Meat Loaf
C18746 I Go To Extremes Billy Joel
C18747 Honesty Billy Joel
C18763 And So It Goes Billy Joel
C18764 Famous Last Words Billy Joel
C18756 Keeping The Faith Billy Joel
C18754 Leave A Tender Moment Alone Billy Joel
C18755 Modern Woman Billy Joel
C18757 Say Goodbye To Hollywood Billy Joel
C18766 Rosalinda’s Eyes Billy Joel
C18735 I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That) Meat Loaf
C18751 Lullybye (Goodnight My Angel) Billy Joel
C18768 A Forest The Cure
C18769 Friday I’m In Love The Cure
C18752 Don’t Ask Me Why Billy Joel
C18771 The 13th The Cure


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