1,200+ Tracks Added to the Party Tyme Karaoke Subscription | A Poem


In the heart of a bustling town, under the neon lights, stood a karaoke bar, home to many unforgettable nights. The host, named Joe, with a flair for the show, faced a dire situation, with the excitement running low.

The crowd had grown weary, the song list too old, the same tunes repeated, the atmosphere cold. Joe knew he needed a miracle, a fresh, vibrant spark, to light up the darkness that had grown so stark.

LYRX1.10 with Vocal Eliminator "Kill Vocal"
LYRX Running Party Tyme Karaoke

He stumbled upon Party Tyme Karaoke, a treasure so bright, With over 35,000 songs, HD-quality, shining light. He subscribed in a heartbeat, within LYRX, his choice, and soon, the bar was alive, with every voice.

The first song kicked off, “Ain’t Back Yet,” setting the stage, followed by “Beautiful Stranger,” turning a new page. “Believe” had them singing, hands reaching for the sky, while “Champagne Life” brought a sparkle to every eye.

“Country In My Genes” had the cowboys dancing with glee, and “Crazy Town” reminded them of where they loved to be. “Day Dreaming” brought a soft, sweet pause, as “Dixie Chicken” received roaring applause.

“Faith of The Heart” was a powerful ballad, so pure, and “Firecracker” lit up the night, of that you can be sure. “Free” had everyone feeling like they had wings, while “Goodbye On A Bad Day” tugged at heartstrings.

“Happy Birthday” became a chorus for those celebrating, and “Heavy Is The Head” was surprisingly invigorating. “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength” inspired every soul, as “I Feel Like Traveling On” made wanderlust its goal.

“Jet City Woman” rocked the room with its might, and “Just To Hear You Say That You Love Me” felt just right. “Keep Me In Mind” was a plea, so sweet and so tender, while “Life After You” was a song to remember.

“Look At Me Now” had the shy ones standing tall, and “Love Me If You Can” was a heartfelt call. “Moving On” was for those ready to let go of the past, as “My Old Man” brought memories that would forever last.

“New Love” sparked hope in the eyes of the forlorn, and “Parading In The Rain” was like a new dawn. “Redeemer” lifted spirits, a song of grace and might, while “Stand Up For Something” encouraged all to fight.

“Sweet Southern Comfort” wrapped the room in warmth, and “The Impossible Dream” encouraged them to go forth. “Tip It On Back” had the crowd in a cheerful uproar, as “Walk To The Light” showed what was worth fighting for.

Joe watched his bar transform, under the spell of song, with Party Tyme Karaoke, nothing could go wrong. The night was saved, the music anew, thanks to the karaoke host, and the crowd that grew and grew.

So here’s to the songs, the singers, and the night, to the memories made, under the neon light. For in that karaoke bar, dreams were chased, all because Joe found the music, and the night was embraced. —

Your can be the host with the most, too. LEARN MORE about the Party Tyme Karaoke Subscription.

1234 New Karaoke Songs Included in the Party Tyme Karaoke Subscription | 2-9-23

SYB10713035 MPH TownToby KeithCountry MaleD majorEnglish
SYB103850Ain’t Back YetKenny ChesneyCountry MaleBb majorEnglish
SYB106220Any Major Dude Will Tell YouSteely DanClassic RockA minorEnglish
SYB103017At or With MeJack JohnsonRock MaleE majorEnglish
SYB107134Beautiful StrangerToby KeithCountry MaleB minorEnglish
SYB104253Before I’m Over YouLoretta LynnCountry FemaleDb majorEnglish
SYB100841BelieveBrooks & DunnCountry MaleA majorEnglish
SYB106566Big Spike HammerThe Bluegrass Album BandBluegrassB majorEnglish
SYB105633Bluegrass ExpressRhonda Vincent & The RageBluegrassF majorEnglish
SYB106346Born In A High WindT.G. SheppardCountry MaleE majorEnglish
SYB103682Born To Be SomebodyJustin BieberPop MaleDb majorEnglish
SYB103018BreakdownJack JohnsonRock MaleC majorEnglish
SYB106288Brother LouieStoriesRock MaleA minorEnglish
SYB104989(Can’t Live Without Your) Love and AffectionNelsonRock MaleDb majorEnglish
SYB101993Candle In The Wind (England’s Rose)Elton JohnPop MaleF majorEnglish
SYB107621CastawayZac Brown BandCountry GroupC majorEnglish
SYB104949Champagne LifeNe-YoR&B MaleEb majorEnglish
SYB107126Come On DownTLCR&B FemaleG majorEnglish
SYB101687CompletelyDiamond RioCountry GroupDb majorEnglish
SYB104254Country In My GenesLoretta LynnCountry FemaleA majorEnglish
SYB103116Crazy TownJason AldeanCountry MaleC# minorEnglish
SYB105913Daddy StuffSammy KershawChristmasAb majorEnglish
SYB100299Day DreamingAretha FranklinSoulBb majorEnglish
SYB104255Dear Uncle SamLoretta LynnCountry FemaleBb majorEnglish
SYB102430Dixie ChickenGarth BrooksCountry MaleG majorEnglish
SYB104217Dixie ChickenLittle FeatRock MaleA majorEnglish
SYB100360Do It (‘Til You’re Satisfied)B.T. ExpressSoulC minorEnglish
SYB100709Don’t Ask Me How I KnowBobby PinsonCountry MaleD majorEnglish
SYB106309Faith of The HeartSusan AshtonCountry FemaleEb majorEnglish
SYB104197FirecrackerLisa LoebPop FemaleB minorEnglish
SYB107623FreeZac Brown BandCountry GroupDb majorEnglish
SYB104575Give Me YouMary J. BligeR&B FemaleA majorEnglish
SYB103462Good To GoJohn CorbettCountry MaleF majorEnglish
SYB106042Goodbye On A Bad DayShannon LawsonCountry MaleEb majorEnglish
SYB103106Greater Is HeJanna LongChristianAb majorEnglish
SYB104256Happy BirthdayLoretta LynnCountry ClassicsDb majorEnglish
SYB105804Happy, Happy Birthday BabyRonnie MilsapCountry ClassicsEb majorEnglish
SYB107633Heavy Is The HeadZac Brown Band ft. Chris CornellCountry GroupEb minorEnglish
SYB103020Horizon Has Been DefeatedJack JohnsonRock MaleF# majorEnglish
SYB106925How Many Times, How Many LiesThe Pussycat DollsPop FemaleBb majorEnglish
SYB103603How To Touch A GirlJoJoPop FemaleGb majorEnglish
SYB105937I Could Not Ask For MoreSara EvansCountry FemaleAb majorEnglish
SYB107549I Didn’t Know My Own StrengthWhitney HoustonR&B FemaleGb majorEnglish
SYB105909I Don’t Need You To Tell Me I’m PrettySamantha MumbaR&B FemaleBb majorEnglish
SYB104262I Feel Like Traveling OnLoretta LynnInspirationalD majorEnglish
SYB105213I Love Being Here With YouPeggy LeeOldiesC majorEnglish
SYB104263I Wanna Be FreeLoretta LynnCountry FemaleBb majorEnglish
SYB106890I’ll Be Alright TomorrowThe Osborne BrothersBluegrassB majorEnglish
SYB103199I’ll FightJennifer HudsonR&B FemaleG majorEnglish
SYB104797I’ll Stop Loving YouMike ReidCountry MaleD majorEnglish
SYB107274If I Don’t Make It BackTracy LawrenceCountry MaleF majorEnglish
SYB107150If I Was JesusToby KeithCountry MaleC majorEnglish
SYB104562If There Ain’t There Oughta BeMarty Stuart and His Fabulous SuperlativesCountry MaleAb majorEnglish
SYB100544Innocent BystanderBilly DeanCountry MaleD majorEnglish
SYB100302It Isn’t, It Wasn’t, It Ain’t Never Gonna BeAretha Franklin & Whitney HoustonSoulA minorEnglish
SYB107099It’s A Business Doing Pleasure With YouTim McGrawCountry MaleA majorEnglish
SYB103063Jackson HoleJames WesleyCountry MaleD majorEnglish
SYB105393Jet City WomanQueensrycheRock MaleAb minorEnglish
SYB106043Just Like A RedneckShannon LawsonCountry MaleD majorEnglish
SYB102180Just To Hear You Say That You Love MeFaith Hill with Tim McGrawCountry FemaleF# majorEnglish
SYB107624Keep Me In MindZac Brown BandCountry GroupGb majorEnglish
SYB102607Kick Down The DoorGeorgia MiddlemanCountry FemaleC majorEnglish
SYB102082Last One StandingEmerson DriveCountry GroupC majorEnglish
SYB106265Leave Him Out of ThisSteve WarinerCountry MaleD majorEnglish
SYB103968Left To RightKitty WellsCountry ClassicsA majorEnglish
SYB107625Let It GoZac Brown BandCountry GroupGb majorEnglish
SYB101535Life After YouDaughtryRock MaleF majorEnglish
SYB106119Look At Me NowSixwireCountry GroupA majorEnglish
SYB101134Look AwayChicagoClassic RockA majorEnglish
SYB107154Lost You AnywayToby KeithCountry MaleD majorEnglish
SYB101006Love & NegotiationCarolyn Dawn JohnsonCountry FemaleG majorEnglish
SYB107155Love Me If You CanToby KeithCountry MaleF majorEnglish
SYB107626Loving You EasyZac Brown BandCountry GroupF majorEnglish
SYB105326Making PlansPorter Wagoner & Dolly PartonCountry ClassicsDb majorEnglish
SYB101695Mama Don’t Forget To Pray For MeDiamond RioCountry GroupE majorEnglish
SYB100855Missing YouBrooks & DunnCountry GroupEb majorEnglish
SYB106118Moving OnSixpence None The RicherPop FemaleG majorEnglish
SYB107627My Old ManZac Brown BandCountry GroupE majorEnglish
SYB101625My WillDC TalkChristianD majorEnglish
SYB104117Need To Be Next To YouLeigh NashPop FemaleD majorEnglish
SYB100450Never Mind MeBig & RichCountry GroupG majorEnglish
SYB101880New LoveDua LipaPop FemaleF minorEnglish
SYB106910Not Even A StoneThe PerrysInspirationalE majorEnglish
SYB105227NumbPet Shop BoysPop MaleDb minorEnglish
SYB101063Parading In The RainChalee TennisonCountry FemaleAb majorEnglish
SYB100620Playboys of The Southwestern WorldBlake SheltonCountry MaleG majorEnglish
SYB104061Please RememberLeAnn RimesCountry FemaleDb majorEnglish
SYB106861Popsicles and IciclesThe MurmaidsOldiesEb majorEnglish
SYB104272Rated ‘X’Loretta LynnCountry FemaleG majorEnglish
SYB100064Ready To RockAaron TippinCountry MaleE majorEnglish
SYB105016Reasons WhyNickel CreekBluegrassAb majorEnglish
SYB105028RedeemerNicole C. MullenChristianG majorEnglish
SYB106892Roll Muddy RiverThe Osborne BrothersCountry GroupA majorEnglish
SYB104819ScreamMindy McCreadyCountry FemaleGb majorEnglish
SYB101917Shadow of A DoubtEarl Thomas ConleyCountry MaleA majorEnglish
SYB107381She Wants To Be Wanted AgainTy HerndonCountry MaleE majorEnglish
SYB106044Smokin’ GrassShannon LawsonCountry MaleA majorEnglish
SYB101181Somebody’s SomebodyChristina AguileraPop FemaleA majorEnglish
SYB100256Stand Up For SomethingAndra Day & CommonR&B FemaleAb minorEnglish
SYB104273SuccessLoretta LynnCountry FemaleC majorEnglish
SYB100906Sweet Southern ComfortBuddy JewellCountry MaleD majorEnglish
SYB104969TailgateNeal McCoyCountry MaleC majorEnglish
SYB104582Take Me As I AmMary J. BligeR&B FemaleA majorEnglish
SYB107201Tell Me Where It HurtsTommy Shane SteinerCountry MaleDb majorEnglish
SYB107163That Don’t Make Me A Bad GuyToby KeithCountry MaleC majorEnglish
SYB102064The Impossible DreamElvis PresleyOldiesC majorEnglish
SYB107629The Man Who Loves You The MostZac Brown BandCountry GroupEb majorEnglish
SYB106068The Moon Over GeorgiaShenandoahCountry GroupA majorEnglish
SYB106006This TimeShana PetroneCountry FemaleD majorEnglish
SYB104708Time, Love and TendernessMichael BoltonPop MaleE majorEnglish
SYB101722Tip It On BackDierks BentleyCountry MaleBb majorEnglish
SYB104167To Get Me To YouLila McCannCountry FemaleD majorEnglish
SYB106677Too Much FunThe Forester SistersCountry GroupA majorEnglish
SYB104199TruthfullyLisa LoebPop FemaleAb majorEnglish
SYB106336Up Down (Do This All Day)T-Pain ft. B.o.B.Hip HopF# minorEnglish
SYB103353Walk To The LightJo Dee MessinaCountry FemaleD majorEnglish
SYB100710Way DownBobby PinsonCountry MaleG majorEnglish
SYB106120Way Too DeepSixwireCountry GroupD majorEnglish
SYB104066We CanLeAnn RimesPop FemaleE majorEnglish
SYB100044What IfAaliyahR&B FemaleD majorEnglish
SYB105562What IfReba McEntireCountry FemaleE majorEnglish
SYB104278What Kind of Girl (Do You Think I Am)Loretta LynnCountry FemaleAb majorEnglish
SYB107631Whatever It IsZac Brown BandCountry GroupDb majorEnglish
SYB104214When Someone Stops Loving YouLittle Big TownCountry GroupD majorEnglish
SYB102178When You CryFaith HillCountry FemaleBb majorEnglish
SYB104282Wine Women and SongLoretta LynnCountry FemaleDb majorEnglish
SYB107392WithdrawalsTyler FarrCountry MaleEb majorEnglish
SYB104284Woman of The World (Leave My World Alone)Loretta LynnCountry FemaleC majorEnglish
SYB104525You Ain’t Woman EnoughMartina McBrideCountry FemaleAb majorEnglish
SYB107632You and IslandsZac Brown BandCountry GroupA minorEnglish
SYB103750You Can’t Break A Broken HeartKate VoegelePop FemaleF majorEnglish
SYB100387You’ll Lose A Good ThingBarbara LynnR&B FemaleF majorEnglish
SYB104285You’ve Just Stepped In (From Stepping Out On Me)Loretta LynnCountry FemaleG majorEnglish
SYB66189Andar Com FéGilberto GilPortugueseB majorPortuguese
SYB39539Aca Entre NosYolanda Del RioSpanishEb majorSpanish
SYB39319Amor AñejoLa Sonora De MargaritaSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB39245Corazon Tu La ElegisteEl Charrito NegroSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB39134El AfroBanda RenovacionSpanishG minorSpanish
SYB39305El MaestroLa Original Banda El LimonSpanishBb majorSpanish
SYB39398EllaRaulin RodriguezSpanishBb majorSpanish
SYB39328Mi Amor AñejoLa Sonora De MargaritaSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB39522No Me Queda MasTito NievesSpanishG minorSpanish
SYB39449Nunca Te OlvidareShaila DurcalSpanishG minorSpanish
SYB39475Pueblos De GuerreroTierra CalienteSpanishD majorSpanish
SYB39247Que Me Canten En VidaEl Charrito NegroSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB39242Tristes RecuerdosEl Chapo De SinaloaSpanishAb majorSpanish
SYB7605620 MilesRay Brown & The WhispersOldiesAb majorEnglish
SYB76582A Night To RememberLiberty XPop FemaleF/D#mEnglish
SYB74584A Night To RememberShalamar1980sD#m/DmEnglish
SYB72304Always The Last To KnowDel AmitriRock MaleA majorEnglish
SYB78030And The Beat Goes OnThe WhispersDiscoB minorEnglish
SYB78790Are You With MeThe PotbelleezDanceG majorEnglish
SYB84105Beautiful DrugZac Brown BandCountry GroupB majorEnglish
SYB80185BeliefJohn MayerRock MaleD minorEnglish
SYB79960Better TogetherJack JohnsonRock MaleF majorEnglish
SYB73650Brother LouieHot ChocolateSoulD minorEnglish
SYB70725ButterflyAndy WilliamsStandardsBb majorEnglish
SYB75961ButtonsThe Pussycat Dolls ft. Snoop DoggPop FemaleD minorEnglish
SYB72826By The Time I Get To PhoenixEngelbert HumperdinckStandardsD minorEnglish
SYB72003C U When You Get ThereCoolioHip HopEb majorEnglish
SYB74408Chequered LoveKim WildePop FemaleG/GmEnglish
SYB70518ClassicAdrian Gurvitz1980sF# minorEnglish
SYB83094CompassSam BaileyPop FemaleA majorEnglish
SYB85089CupidLloyd ft. Awesome JonesR&B MaleAb majorEnglish
SYB70309De Wilde BoerendochterIvan HeylenWorldG majorDutch
SYB84490Do Not DisturbElvis PresleyOldiesD majorEnglish
SYB77827Don’t Hold BackThe PotbelleezDanceDb minorEnglish
SYB70501Don’t Turn AroundAswadReggaeDb minorEnglish
SYB85655EarthLil DickyHip HopD majorEnglish
SYB73651EmmaHot ChocolateSoulA minorEnglish
SYB70408Everybody Get UpFivePop MaleD minorEnglish
SYB73652Everyone’s A WinnerHot ChocolateSoulF minorEnglish
SYB74845Everything You NeedMadison AvenueDanceF minorEnglish
SYB82341Fight The PowerPublic EnemyHip HopD minorEnglish
SYB70770Freak MeAnother LevelR&B MaleE minorEnglish
SYB72830From Here To EternityEngelbert HumperdinckStandardsC/DmEnglish
SYB70771From The HeartAnother LevelR&B MaleB minorEnglish
SYB80267Goin’ BlindKissRock MaleF minorEnglish
SYB73789Good PeopleJack JohnsonRock MaleB majorEnglish
SYB84693Half of My HeartJohn MayerRock MaleG minorEnglish
SYB85960HallucinateDua LipaPop FemaleF minorEnglish
SYB78319Happy Happy Birthday BabyThe Tune WeaversOldiesBb majorEnglish
SYB82165Harder Than You ThinkPublic EnemyHip HopB majorEnglish
SYB82343He Got GamePublic EnemyHip HopAm/AEnglish
SYB80012Heartbreak WarfareJohn MayerRock MaleA majorEnglish
SYB80007Highway 20 RideZac Brown BandCountry GroupEb majorEnglish
SYB80190Home LifeJohn MayerPop MaleG minorEnglish
SYB83682HomegrownZac Brown BandCountry GroupF# majorEnglish
SYB76913I PromiseStacie OrricoPop FemaleFm/AmEnglish
SYB72485I Recall A Gypsy WomanDon WilliamsCountry ClassicsAm/AEnglish
SYB75112I’d Lie For You (And That’s The Truth)Meat LoafClassic RockE minorEnglish
SYB75029I’ve Got YouMartine McCutcheonPop FemaleG majorEnglish
SYB73790If I Had EyesJack JohnsonRock MaleD majorEnglish
SYB74801Impossible DreamTom JonesOldiesG majorEnglish
SYB81426InescapableJessica MauboyR&B FemaleC minorEnglish
SYB81465Is It MeThe KooksRock MaleB majorEnglish
SYB78031It’s A Love ThingThe WhispersDiscoE minorEnglish
SYB82809Jubilee StreetNick Cave & The Bad SeedsRock MaleC minorEnglish
SYB74410Kids In AmericaKim WildePop FemaleE minorEnglish
SYB84486Lesson LearnedAlicia Keys & John MayerR&B FemaleD majorEnglish
SYB78101Lion Sleeps TonightTight FitDiscoF majorEnglish
SYB71717Listen With Your HeartCasey DonovanPop FemaleD minorEnglish
SYB79805Living Is A Problem Because Everything DiesBiffy ClyroRock MaleGm/FmEnglish
SYB71430Lost In FranceBonnie Tyler1980sBb majorEnglish
SYB85198Lost In Your LightDua Lipa ft. MiguelPop FemaleE minorEnglish
SYB81477Made In AmericaToby KeithCountry MaleA majorEnglish
SYB80276Making LoveKissRock MaleE minorEnglish
SYB71613Making Your Mind UpBucks Fizz1980sA majorEnglish
SYB84817Moving On And Getting OverJohn MayerRock MaleC# minorEnglish
SYB87109Mujeres DivinasVicente FernandezSpanishB minorSpanish
SYB80191New DeepJohn MayerRock MaleD majorEnglish
SYB73653No Doubt About ItHot ChocolateSoulDb minorEnglish
SYB72155Nothing Hurts Like LoveDaniel BedingfieldPop MaleDb minorEnglish
SYB83167Only Love Can Hurt Like ThisPaloma FaithPop FemaleBb majorEnglish
SYB85695Rescue MeMarshmello ft. A Day To RememberDanceB majorEnglish
SYB83627Run Run RunKelly Clarkson ft. John LegendPop FemaleC minorEnglish
SYB74493SolitaireAndy WilliamsStandardsD majorEnglish
SYB80192Something’s MissingJohn MayerRock MaleE majorEnglish
SYB80193Split Screen SadnessJohn MayerRock MaleG/CEnglish
SYB83897Straight Outta ComptonN.W.A.Hip HopD# minorEnglish
SYB80493Strong, Strong WindAir SupplyPop MaleD majorEnglish
SYB81941Sunshine And SummertimeFaith HillCountry FemaleDb majorEnglish
SYB75836Take Her BackPigeon DetectivesRock MaleD minorEnglish
SYB78798TaylorJack JohnsonRock MaleB minorEnglish
SYB73794The Impossible DreamJack JonesStandardsE/BEnglish
SYB82797The Mercy SeatNick Cave & The Bad SeedsRock MaleE minorEnglish
SYB80180This Ole HouseShakin’ StevensOldiesBb majorEnglish
SYB85112Tootsee Roll69 BoyzHip HopD minorEnglish
SYB86842Ven A BailarJennifer Lopez ft. PitbullSpanishEb minorSpanish
SYB78086Waiting For An AlibiThin LizzyClassic RockEb majorEnglish
SYB80195WheelJohn MayerRock MaleF majorEnglish
SYB79037When I DieNo MercyDanceAb majorEnglish
SYB79120When The Night ComesJoe CockerSoulAb majorEnglish
SYB79384You Sexy ThingT-ShirtPop FemaleG majorEnglish
SYB35842A MiCano EstremeraSpanishC minorSpanish
SYB35555A Mi Me Esta DoliendoBanda MSSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB35556A Mi Tambien Me ValeBanda MSSpanishE minorSpanish
SYB38195A Que Me Lo DasPablo MonteroSpanishDb minorSpanish
SYB38196A Toda LeyPablo MonteroSpanishA majorSpanish
SYB37490Aca Entre NosLa Tropa ChicanaSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB37153Al PasarKabahSpanishAb majorSpanish
SYB35455Al RescateBanda Los RecoditosSpanishG minorSpanish
SYB38934Amarte A TiWilkinsSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB36623Amarte Hasta La MuerteGrupo 5SpanishC minorSpanish
SYB34831Amenaza De LluviaAlejandro FernandezSpanishAb majorSpanish
SYB37602Amor AmorManuel Mijares & YuriSpanishB majorSpanish
SYB35211Antes Que Me Vuelva LocoBanda El RecodoSpanishG minorSpanish
SYB36624Apostemos Que Me CasoGrupo 5SpanishF majorSpanish
SYB36144Aqui Sobro YoDario GomezSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB36352AtrapadoEl Coyote Y Su Banda Tierra SantaSpanishEb majorSpanish
SYB36933Aunque Sea A EscondidasJenni RiveraSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB35213Ayer Y HoyBanda El RecodoSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB38433Balada De AmorRamon OrlandoSpanishC minorSpanish
SYB35680Balada Del Parque FrioBanda ZetaSpanishG majorSpanish
SYB35214Besos Y CopasBanda El RecodoSpanishEb majorSpanish
SYB38586Bolero RockoleroSegundo RoseroSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB35678Caliente CalienteBanda ZarapeSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB35740Chilanga BandaCafe TacubaSpanishE minorSpanish
SYB35218Como De Que NoBanda El RecodoSpanishBb majorSpanish
SYB34840Como Puede SerAlejandro FernandezSpanishG majorSpanish
SYB34841Como QuisieraAlejandro FernandezSpanishAb majorSpanish
SYB37391Como Una Piedra En El ZapatoLa Sonora DinamitaSpanishG majorSpanish
SYB36939Como Vivir Sin Verte (How Do I Live)Jenni RiveraSpanishD majorSpanish
SYB34842Como Yo Te AmeAlejandro FernandezSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB36625Con La Misma MonedaGrupo 5SpanishD minorSpanish
SYB36865ConflictoJavier SolisSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB36705Cosas De La ClicaHerencia De PatronesSpanishG minorSpanish
SYB38614Cuando Me VayaSergio EsquivelSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB34715Cumbia CandeAlberto PedrazaSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB35224De Haber SabidoBanda El RecodoSpanishD minorSpanish
SYB35226De Un Rancho A OtroBanda El RecodoSpanishF minorSpanish
SYB35570De Una VezBanda MSSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB37229Dejame Volver Contigo (Salsa)La IndiaSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB35227Delante De MiBanda El RecodoSpanishEb majorSpanish
SYB38568Delante De MiSaul VieraSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB35228Desde El CieloBanda El RecodoSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB35229Domingo CorralesBanda El RecodoSpanishB majorSpanish
SYB34847Duerme TranquilaAlejandro FernandezSpanishF# minorSpanish
SYB35231El AmigoBanda El RecodoSpanishEb majorSpanish
SYB36572El AmorGloria TreviSpanishE majorSpanish
SYB37039El AscensoristaJhosse Y Su Grupo LoraSpanishEb majorSpanish
SYB35234El BarzonBanda El RecodoSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB35575El Color De Tus OjosBanda MSSpanishAb majorSpanish
SYB35974El Color De Tus OjosCarolina RossSpanishDb majorSpanish
SYB38723El Director De La BandaValentin ElizaldeSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB38930El FuncionarioWilfrido VargasSpanishDb majorSpanish
SYB35246El Rosario De OroBanda El RecodoSpanishAb majorSpanish
SYB38435El Silencio Tu Y YoRamon OrlandoSpanishF# minorSpanish
SYB38936El SucesorWilkinsSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB35685Ella EsBanda ZorroSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB35072En Hora BuenaAlex D’castroSpanishBb minorSpanish
SYB38761En La Carcel De Tu AdiosVicente FernandezSpanishG majorSpanish
SYB35249Entonces Que SomosBanda El RecodoSpanishB minorSpanish
SYB36617Entonces Que SomosGriss RomeroSpanishEb majorSpanish
SYB36145Entre ComillasDario GomezSpanishF# minorSpanish
SYB37260Eres Un AngelLa MakinaSpanishBb minorSpanish
SYB35461Es BonitoBanda Los RecoditosSpanishEb majorSpanish
SYB35579Es Tuyo Mi AmorBanda MSSpanishG majorSpanish
SYB35029Esa MujerAlex BuenoSpanishBb majorSpanish
SYB38767Esas FloresVicente FernandezSpanishA majorSpanish
SYB36146Esta Navidad No Es MiaDario GomezSpanishE minorSpanish
SYB36605Estan Lloviendo LagrimasGraciela BeltranSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB35580Este BorrachoBanda MSSpanishC minorSpanish
SYB34955ExclusivaAlejandro PalacioSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB34738Fiesta En Culiacan (Banda)Alberto VazquezSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB38725Flor De Capomo (En Vivo)Valentin ElizaldeSpanishBb majorSpanish
SYB35797GirasolCamilo SestoSpanishE minorSpanish
SYB35522Gracias MujerBanda MachosSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB35314Gracias Por Tu AmorBanda El Recodo & David BisbalSpanishG majorSpanish
SYB35687Gran FortunaBanda ZorroSpanishBb majorSpanish
SYB34856Hasta En Mis HuesosAlejandro FernandezSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB38497Hasta La CamisaRaul OrnelasSpanishG minorSpanish
SYB38437Hecha Para MiRamon OrlandoSpanishG minorSpanish
SYB37235Hielo (Salsa)La IndiaSpanishBb majorSpanish
SYB34857Hoy Decidi OlvidarteAlejandro FernandezSpanishG majorSpanish
SYB35707Huele A PeligroBeatriz AdrianaSpanishB minorSpanish
SYB35257La Carga SagradaBanda El RecodoSpanishBb majorSpanish
SYB37504La CleptomanaLisandro MezaSpanishG minorSpanish
SYB38273La Dosis PerfectaPanteon RococoSpanishG minorSpanish
SYB35263La Gran PachangaBanda El RecodoSpanishEb majorSpanish
SYB35265La Mejor De TodasBanda El RecodoSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB36240La Mejor De TodasEdwin El Futuro De La SalsaSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB37982La Mejor Version De MiNena GuzmanSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB37446La Numero CienLa Sonora SantaneraSpanishBb majorSpanish
SYB35465La PedaBanda Los RecoditosSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB35036La Ruleta (Se Perder)Alex BuenoSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB38730La YaquecitaValentin ElizaldeSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB36706LadeandoHerencia De Patrones & Fuerza RegidaSpanishF# minorSpanish
SYB38498Las Cartas Sobre La MesaRaul OrnelasSpanishAb majorSpanish
SYB35592Las Cosas No Se Hacen AsiBanda MSSpanishD minorSpanish
SYB35273Le Pido A DiosBanda El RecodoSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB38782Lejos De Mi TierraVicente FernandezSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB35640Libre De CulpaBanda Pequeños MusicalSpanishEb minorSpanish
SYB35595Lo Mejor Que Me PasoBanda MSSpanishDb majorSpanish
SYB35466Los Gustos Que Me DoyBanda Los RecoditosSpanishEb majorSpanish
SYB37450Los LuchadoresLa Sonora SantaneraSpanishA majorSpanish
SYB38438MamaRamon OrlandoSpanishD minorSpanish
SYB38167MasOrquesta La SolucionSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB38439MasRamon OrlandoSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB39007Me BastaYanfourdSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB35597Me CanseBanda MSSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB35467Me Esta GustandoBanda Los RecoditosSpanishDb majorSpanish
SYB34870Me Esta Matando Este AmorAlejandro FernandezSpanishDb majorSpanish
SYB35468Me Esta Tirando El RolloBanda Los RecoditosSpanishE minorSpanish
SYB39060Me Gusta Todo De TiZacarias FerreiraSpanishBb majorSpanish
SYB35469Me Toco PerderBanda Los RecoditosSpanishD majorSpanish
SYB38973Me Vas A Echar De MenosWillie RosarioSpanishB majorSpanish
SYB35600Mejor Me AlejoBanda MSSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB35528Mi Otra MitadBanda MachosSpanishA majorSpanish
SYB38937Mi Problema Eres TuWilkinsSpanishG majorSpanish
SYB35470Mi Ultimo DeseoBanda Los RecoditosSpanishB minorSpanish
SYB36813Mientras Tenga Tus AlasIsabelle ValdezSpanishEb majorSpanish
SYB34876Mitad Tu Mitad YoAlejandro FernandezSpanishBb majorSpanish
SYB35628Mitad Tu Mitad YoBanda PachucoSpanishD majorSpanish
SYB36628Motor Y MotivoGrupo 5SpanishDb majorSpanish
SYB38802Muchas GraciasVicente FernandezSpanishEb majorSpanish
SYB37452Mujeres DivinasLa Sonora SantaneraSpanishE minorSpanish
SYB35604No Elegi ConocerteBanda MSSpanishD majorSpanish
SYB34879No Estoy TristeAlejandro FernandezSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB35473No Le Hago FaltaBanda Los RecoditosSpanishF minorSpanish
SYB35983No Le Hago FaltaCarolina RossSpanishB majorSpanish
SYB38807No Lo Puedo CreerVicente FernandezSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB35644No Necesitas A CarloBanda Pequeños MusicalSpanishEb minorSpanish
SYB35610No Sera La Ultima VezBanda MSSpanishD minorSpanish
SYB35611No Soy Como PiensasBanda MSSpanishD minorSpanish
SYB38647No Soy El AireThaliaSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB36150Nueve Años De SoledadDario GomezSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB38588Ojos NegrosSegundo RoseroSpanishE minorSpanish
SYB38248OroPandaSpanishF# majorSpanish
SYB36630Pa’ FueraGrupo 5SpanishA minorSpanish
SYB36799Paloma ConsentidaIrma SerranoSpanishC minorSpanish
SYB34912Para Sacarte De Mi VidaAlejandro Fernandez & Los Tigres Del NorteSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB36631Parranda La NegritaGrupo 5SpanishF minorSpanish
SYB37348Paso A PasoLa Original Banda El LimonSpanishEb majorSpanish
SYB38442PenaRamon OrlandoSpanishG minorSpanish
SYB38275Pequeño Tratado De Un AdiosPanteon RococoSpanishC minorSpanish
SYB35477PerfectaBanda Los RecoditosSpanishEb majorSpanish
SYB38938Pero Te OlvidoWilkinsSpanishB majorSpanish
SYB35283Por Las Calles EnlodadasBanda El RecodoSpanishEb majorSpanish
SYB35284Por Que Te QuieroBanda El RecodoSpanishEb majorSpanish
SYB35480Por Ser PobreBanda Los RecoditosSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB34892Por Tu AdiosAlejandro FernandezSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB35617Porque Al ConocerteBanda MSSpanishD minorSpanish
SYB35323Prometo QuererteBanda Espuela De OroSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB35649Quien Es CulpableBanda Pequeños MusicalSpanishD minorSpanish
SYB35619Quien Pierde MasBanda MSSpanishD majorSpanish
SYB35288Quiero Bailar Con PatriciaBanda El RecodoSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB36347Quiero Charlar Con La MuerteEl Compa ChuySpanishD majorSpanish
SYB36742Regresa A Mi (Merengue)Il DivoSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB37754Retiro Lo DichoMargaritaSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB35651Romantico IncurableBanda Pequeños MusicalSpanishEb majorSpanish
SYB37579Se Me Ha Cansado El AlmaManolo GalvanSpanishF# minorSpanish
SYB38940SerenoWilkinsSpanishD majorSpanish
SYB37464Si De Todos ModosLa Sonora SantaneraSpanishBb majorSpanish
SYB35293Si No Es ContigoBanda El RecodoSpanishEb majorSpanish
SYB35153Si Una VezAlicia VillarrealSpanishE minorSpanish
SYB36763Sigue Doliendo Tu AmorInterpuestoSpanishD minorSpanish
SYB35485Sin AutorizacionBanda Los RecoditosSpanishEb majorSpanish
SYB35297Sin Ver AtrasBanda El RecodoSpanishF minorSpanish
SYB35991Solo Con VerteCarolina RossSpanishA majorSpanish
SYB35299Soy Borracho No PerdidoBanda El RecodoSpanishE minorSpanish
SYB37928Soy Lo ProhibidoNatalia LafourcadeSpanishD minorSpanish
SYB38042Soy Lo ProhibidoOlga GuillotSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB35652SueñosBanda Pequeños MusicalSpanishD minorSpanish
SYB36395Tan NaturalFelipe PelaezSpanishA majorSpanish
SYB37418Te Apuesto Lo Que QuierasLa Sonora MargaritaSpanishF minorSpanish
SYB35653Te ExtrañoBanda Pequeños MusicalSpanishD majorSpanish
SYB38443Te Juro Que Te QuieroRamon OrlandoSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB36716Te LlevareHernaldo ZuñigaSpanishA majorSpanish
SYB38942Te MatariaWilkinsSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB38331Te Propongo Un TratoPaquita La Del BarrioSpanishD majorSpanish
SYB35302Te Quiero A MorirBanda El RecodoSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB35488TiempoBanda Los RecoditosSpanishD majorSpanish
SYB38270TodaviaPandoraSpanishG majorSpanish
SYB35537Traficantes MichoacanosBanda MachosSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB38943Tratandose De TiWilkinsSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB38017Travesuras (Salsa)Nicky JamSpanishF minorSpanish
SYB38944Tu Llenas Mis DiasWilkinsSpanishE minorSpanish
SYB35538Tu Otro DiosBanda MachosSpanishBb majorSpanish
SYB38444Un Ratito MasRamon OrlandoSpanishF minorSpanish
SYB36768Una Rola De AmorInterpuestoSpanishA majorSpanish
SYB38276Vendedora De CariciasPanteon RococoSpanishF# minorSpanish
SYB36678Vivir HumilladoHector MontemayorSpanishA majorSpanish
SYB38866Volvio Por EllaVicente FernandezSpanishD majorSpanish
SYB35656Y Me Quede SoñandoBanda Pequeños MusicalSpanishG majorSpanish
SYB39020Yo Me OfrezcoYesenia FloresSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB36770Yo Quisiera Que SepasInterpuestoSpanishD minorSpanish
SYB35939Yo Sin Ti (Mariachi)Carlos LicoSpanishE majorSpanish
SYB33310A EscondidasMariselaSpanishA majorSpanish
SYB31434A La MadreGloria TreviSpanishD majorSpanish
SYB30130A Manos LlenasAlejandro FernandezSpanishA majorSpanish
SYB32858A Quien Quieres EngañarLos TemerariosSpanishEb majorSpanish
SYB31968Adios PrincesaJose JoseSpanishG majorSpanish
SYB30847Agua NuevaCristianSpanishEb majorSpanish
SYB33983Al Fin Te EncontreRio RomaSpanishEb majorSpanish
SYB31197Al FinalEmmanuelSpanishBb majorSpanish
SYB32186Al PasarKabah & Alejandra GuzmanSpanishAb majorSpanish
SYB31972AmantesJose JoseSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB30852Amor AmorCristianSpanishBb minorSpanish
SYB34372Amor De Los DosVicente FernandezSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB33957Amor ImposibleRigo TovarSpanishE majorSpanish
SYB33737Arrancame La VidaPepe AguilarSpanishBb majorSpanish
SYB33304AyudameMarianoSpanishD majorSpanish
SYB32660Besos Y CopasLos HumildesSpanishD majorSpanish
SYB31385Bohemio De AficionGerardo ReyesSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB33801Calle 8PitbullSpanishD minorSpanish
SYB34378Camino Al CieloVicente FernandezSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB30005Chao Cariño ChaoAbracadabra Y Victor KapustaSpanishE majorSpanish
SYB32861Comer A BesosLos TemerariosSpanishD minorSpanish
SYB32863Como Te RecuerdoLos TemerariosSpanishE majorSpanish
SYB32850Como TuLos TemerariosSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB30499Con Eso TengoBanda El RecodoSpanishBb majorSpanish
SYB33466Contigo SiNadia & YahirSpanishE majorSpanish
SYB34213Cosiendome El CorazonThaliaSpanishB minorSpanish
SYB32921CreisteLos Tigres Del NorteSpanishBb majorSpanish
SYB30958Creo Solamente En TiDiego VerdaguerSpanishG majorSpanish
SYB30997Cual De Los DosDulceSpanishBb minorSpanish
SYB31084Cuando Regreso A Tus BrazosEl Coyote Y Su Banda Tierra SantaSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB32796Cuesta ArribaLos Rieleros Del NorteSpanishG majorSpanish
SYB31977De Hombre A HombreJose JoseSpanishF# minorSpanish
SYB31767Dejame Volver ContigoJenni RiveraSpanishC minorSpanish
SYB34567Dejame Volver ContigoYuridiaSpanishAb majorSpanish
SYB30521Del Tingo Al TangoBanda Los RecoditosSpanishAb majorSpanish
SYB31466Delante De MiGraciela BeltranSpanishG majorSpanish
SYB30855DesesperadoCristianSpanishB minorSpanish
SYB30003Destilando AmorAaron Y Su Grupo IlusionSpanishG majorSpanish
SYB31013DimeDyangoSpanishG minorSpanish
SYB34480Dos CorazonesVikki CarrSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB33858Dos Extraños LocosRamon OrlandoSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB30998Echame La Culpa A MiDulceSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB30561El CofrecitoBeatriz AdrianaSpanishG majorSpanish
SYB32743El DesconfiadoLos Originales De San JuanSpanishAb majorSpanish
SYB33631El MarcianoPatrulla 81SpanishC# minorSpanish
SYB30753El PalacioCharli RodriguezSpanishBb minorSpanish
SYB31051El PanaderoEl Chapo De SinaloaSpanishBb majorSpanish
SYB34238El PregoneroTimbiricheSpanishC minorSpanish
SYB31169El Que Busca EncuentraElefanteSpanishA majorSpanish
SYB34240El Rock Nacio ConmigoTimbiricheSpanishD majorSpanish
SYB32123El Tiro De GraciaJulio PreciadoSpanishAb majorSpanish
SYB30990El VeranoDulce MariaSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB31655En Las Garras De Tu CorazonIntocableSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB31942En RealidadJorge Luis CabreraSpanishG majorSpanish
SYB32851Enamorado De TiLos TemerariosSpanishD majorSpanish
SYB34215Enseñame A VivirThaliaSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB30878Eres Imposible De OlvidarCuisillosSpanishA majorSpanish
SYB32866Eres Un SueñoLos TemerariosSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB32867Es Ella La CausaLos TemerariosSpanishG majorSpanish
SYB30149Es La MujerAlejandro FernandezSpanishA majorSpanish
SYB33751Esa MujerPepe AguilarSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB32159EspejoK-Paz De La SierraSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB31987Estas SeguraJose JoseSpanishAb minorSpanish
SYB34403Estatua De MarfilVicente FernandezSpanishE majorSpanish
SYB33861Este AmorRamon OrlandoSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB33328Estupido RomanticoMazzSpanishBb majorSpanish
SYB33752Fruta MaduraPepe AguilarSpanishAb majorSpanish
SYB30999Fui Demasiado FacilDulceSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB31467Fui Demasiado FacilGraciela BeltranSpanishEb majorSpanish
SYB32869Fuiste MalaLos TemerariosSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB31529Gigante De HierroGrupo SoñadorSpanishA majorSpanish
SYB30858GraciasCristianSpanishAb majorSpanish
SYB33782Gracias Por Tu AmorPesadoSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB30624GuacarockBotellita De JerezSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB31341HadasFlansSpanishBb minorSpanish
SYB30915Hasta El Dia De HoyDareyes De La SierraSpanishBb majorSpanish
SYB31990He SidoJose JoseSpanishBb minorSpanish
SYB31000HieloDulceSpanishA majorSpanish
SYB30812Hoy Como AyerConjunto PrimaveraSpanishEb majorSpanish
SYB30640La HechiceraBroncoSpanishE majorSpanish
SYB32599La Mas Bonita De TodasLos Dareyes De La SierraSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB31527La MilpaGrupo Montez de DurangoSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB32852La Mujer De Los DosLos TemerariosSpanishG majorSpanish
SYB32745La PedaLos Originales De San JuanSpanishE majorSpanish
SYB34228La PeinetaTierra CaliSpanishG majorSpanish
SYB30099La YaquesitaAlegres De La SierraSpanishBb majorSpanish
SYB30941Las Mil Y Una NochesDiana ReyesSpanishAb minorSpanish
SYB31992LastimaJose JoseSpanishE majorSpanish
SYB31102Libro De RecuerdosEl Jefe Y Su GrupoSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB32826LlorarLos Socios Del RitmoSpanishF minorSpanish
SYB31660Lo Que CallasIntocableSpanishE majorSpanish
SYB31468Lo Vas A Pagar Muy CaroGraciela BeltranSpanishG majorSpanish
SYB34091Los Dos PerdimosSegundo RoseroSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB30546Los Plebes AtrevidosBanda MSSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB34414MalaVicente FernandezSpanishC minorSpanish
SYB30864Me BastaCristianSpanishB majorSpanish
SYB32296Me Duele Estar SoloLa MafiaSpanishA majorSpanish
SYB30504Me Gusta Todo De TiBanda El RecodoSpanishBb majorSpanish
SYB33515Me Gusta Todo De TiNoche De BrujasSpanishF# minorSpanish
SYB30816Me Nacio Del AlmaConjunto PrimaveraSpanishBb majorSpanish
SYB30456Me Prometo A Mi MismoArmando ManzaneroSpanishB minorSpanish
SYB34472Me Quede Con Las GanasVictor Yturbe ‘El Piruli’SpanishB minorSpanish
SYB30506Me ValeBanda El RecodoSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB33733Mi CredoPepe Aguilar & Tiziano FerroSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB32252Mi Cruz De DolorLa Dinastia De TuzantlaSpanishG majorSpanish
SYB31391Mi Tierra Es Leon, GuanajuatoGerardo ReyesSpanishBb majorSpanish
SYB32749Mitad Tu Mitad YoLos PaladinesSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB32775Mucha ExperienciaLos PericosSpanishG majorSpanish
SYB31997MuchachoJose JoseSpanishE minorSpanish
SYB32219Nada Es IgualKudaiSpanishF# majorSpanish
SYB33920No Era NecesarioReyliSpanishG majorSpanish
SYB33145No Existen LimitesLuis MiguelSpanishBb majorSpanish
SYB34115No Hay Mal Que Por Bien No VengaShaila DurcalSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB30170No Lo BesesAlejandro FernandezSpanishC# minorSpanish
SYB32853No Se Vivir Sin TiLos TemerariosSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB31662No Te VayasIntocableSpanishG majorSpanish
SYB30643OroBroncoSpanishG majorSpanish
SYB30644Otra Vez El AmorBroncoSpanishF# minorSpanish
SYB34427Para Que Me RecuerdesVicente FernandezSpanishG majorSpanish
SYB30510Parece MentiraBanda El RecodoSpanishD majorSpanish
SYB30867PayasoCristianSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB33921Pegale A La ParedReyliSpanishEb minorSpanish
SYB32128Por Que No Te VasJulio PreciadoSpanishD majorSpanish
SYB32875Por Que Te ConociLos TemerariosSpanishD majorSpanish
SYB33386Por Un AmorMiguel Aceves MejiaSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB34433Por Un AmorVicente FernandezSpanishBb majorSpanish
SYB31735Por Voluntad De DiosJavier SolisSpanishC minorSpanish
SYB34513PoseWisin & YandelSpanishBb minorSpanish
SYB30868PresoCristianSpanishC minorSpanish
SYB32003PruebameJose JoseSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB34435Que Dios Te PagueVicente FernandezSpanishBb majorSpanish
SYB31538Que Mal Amada EstasGualberto CastroSpanishB minorSpanish
SYB33922Que Nos PasoReyliSpanishEb majorSpanish
SYB32876Que Poca SuerteLos TemerariosSpanishD majorSpanish
SYB32129Que Puedo Hacer Por TiJulio PreciadoSpanishEb minorSpanish
SYB33867Que VengaRamon OrlandoSpanishD minorSpanish
SYB30757Queriendote Y AdorandoteCharli RodriguezSpanishEb majorSpanish
SYB31539Quien PartiraGualberto CastroSpanishDb minorSpanish
SYB31078Quiero Charlar Con La MuerteEl Chico ElizaldeSpanishEb majorSpanish
SYB33776Quiero Que Me QuierasPesadoSpanishAb majorSpanish
SYB30648QuitameBroncoSpanishE majorSpanish
SYB31633Regresa A MiIl DivoSpanishG majorSpanish
SYB31172Sabor A ChocolateElefanteSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB33403Saldre A Buscar El AmorMiguel GallardoSpanishG minorSpanish
SYB30944Se FueDiana ReyesSpanishG majorSpanish
SYB31917Sembrador De AmorJoan SebastianSpanishG majorSpanish
SYB31003Señor AmorDulceSpanishD minorSpanish
SYB31237Si Juras RegresarEnrique IglesiasSpanishA majorSpanish
SYB32655Si La QuieresLos Horoscopos De DurangoSpanishE majorSpanish
SYB34096Si La QuieresSelenaSpanishD majorSpanish
SYB30931Si No La TengoDiablos LocosSpanishD majorSpanish
SYB32878Si Tu Te VasLos TemerariosSpanishF# minorSpanish
SYB30007Son Tantas NochesAbracadabra Y Victor KapustaSpanishG majorSpanish
SYB32012Soy AsiJose JoseSpanishA majorSpanish
SYB34475Soy Lo ProhibidoVictor Yturbe ‘El Piruli’SpanishBb majorSpanish
SYB32882Te Hice MalLos TemerariosSpanishB minorSpanish
SYB32179Te Quedaras ConmigoK-Paz De La SierraSpanishEb majorSpanish
SYB32883Te QuieroLos TemerariosSpanishD majorSpanish
SYB32600Te Sigo AmandoLos Dareyes De La SierraSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB31088Te SoñeEl Coyote Y Su Banda Tierra SantaSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB31068Te Va A GustarEl Chapo De SinaloaSpanishEb majorSpanish
SYB34446TengoVicente FernandezSpanishD minorSpanish
SYB32015Toda MiaJose JoseSpanishD majorSpanish
SYB31238TrapecistaEnrique IglesiasSpanishA majorSpanish
SYB33893Tu AmorRBDSpanishF minorSpanish
SYB34272Tu Me ProvocasTonny Tun TunSpanishAb minorSpanish
SYB32747Tus Caderas Te TraicionanLos Originales De San JuanSpanishG majorSpanish
SYB30709Un BoleroCarlos CuevasSpanishC minorSpanish
SYB33869Un Dia MasRamon OrlandoSpanishC minorSpanish
SYB32886Una Guitarra LloraLos TemerariosSpanishG majorSpanish
SYB34452UrgeVicente FernandezSpanishD minorSpanish
SYB34359Volvere A AmarValentin ElizaldeSpanishEb majorSpanish
SYB34114Y Llegaste TuShaila DurcalSpanishEb majorSpanish
SYB33764Ya Nunca MasPepe AguilarSpanishG majorSpanish
SYB31673Ya VesIntocableSpanishBb minorSpanish
SYB33765Ya VetePepe AguilarSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB32019YoJose JoseSpanishE minorSpanish
SYB30514Yo Por Nada De Este MundoBanda El RecodoSpanishBb majorSpanish
SYB32889Yo Quiero Ser FelizLos TemerariosSpanishE minorSpanish
SYB56331The Guitar ManBreadPop MaleG majorEnglish
SYB58981Every Road Leads Back to YouBette MidlerPop FemaleB majorEnglish
SYB57166I am a Simple ManRicky Van SheltonCountry ClassicsD majorEnglish
SYB58523Over My Head (Better Off Dead)Sum 41Rock MaleE minorEnglish
SYB57358You’re Where I BelongTrisha YearwoodCountry FemaleD majorEnglish
SYB45679PiensaloBanda MSSpanishE minorSpanish
SYB45682Por Siempre Mi AmorBanda MSSpanishF minorSpanish
SYB60105A Musa Das Minhas CançõesAlexandre PiresPortugueseA minorPortuguese
SYB60007Abri A PortaA Cor Do SomPortugueseD majorPortuguese
SYB61687Domingo No ParqueGilberto GilPortugueseA minorPortuguese
SYB61688DrãoGilberto GilPortugueseC majorPortuguese
SYB61689Esperando Na JanelaGilberto GilPortugueseE majorPortuguese
SYB61690EstrelaGilberto GilPortugueseC minorPortuguese
SYB61692Não Chore MaisGilberto GilPortugueseBb majorPortuguese
SYB61694PalcoGilberto GilPortugueseE majorPortuguese
SYB61695RefazendaGilberto GilPortugueseD minorPortuguese
SYB61696Se Eu Quiser Falar Com DeusGilberto GilPortugueseF majorPortuguese
SYB61697Super HomemGilberto GilPortugueseF# minorPortuguese
SYB62939Te Ensinei CertinMC LudmillaPortugueseC minorPortuguese
SYB61698Tempo ReiGilberto GilPortugueseE minorPortuguese
SYB61157To Por AíDi Paulo e PaulinoPortugueseG majorPortuguese
SYB61699Toda Menina BaianaGilberto GilPortugueseD minorPortuguese
SYB02481Bad ThingsMachine Gun Kelly & Camila CabelloPop MaleD majorEnglish
SYB43773A UstedReynaldo ArmasSpanishE majorSpanish
SYB43087Amor De Mis AmoresMarisolSpanishE minorSpanish
SYB41127Anda SolaDon OmarSpanishD minorSpanish
SYB41599Aunque No Pueda Olvidarte (Adios Amor)Grupo 5SpanishD minorSpanish
SYB42581Ay Que MujerLos Hermanos RosarioSpanishBb minorSpanish
SYB42583CarameloLos Hermanos RosarioSpanishC# majorSpanish
SYB42584Cintura De FuegoLos Hermanos RosarioSpanishD minorSpanish
SYB42064Dame Una OportunidadJoseph FonsecaSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB40199De Que Tamaño Es Tu AmorHector LavoeSpanishG minorSpanish
SYB42921El BarzonLupillo RiveraSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB42123El Costo De La VidaJuan Luis GuerraSpanishE majorSpanish
SYB41537Estoy SufriendoGerman LizarragaSpanishEb majorSpanish
SYB42585Fin De SemanaLos Hermanos RosarioSpanishG majorSpanish
SYB40918Genio AtrapadoChristina AguileraSpanishF minorSpanish
SYB45334Hay AmoresJose Alberto ‘El Canario’SpanishEb majorSpanish
SYB44090Hoy Es AdiosSantana & Alejandro LernerSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB41052La Alegria Del SeñorDanny BerriosSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB41495La RuedaFrankie RuizSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB41438Las Mil Y Una NochesFlansSpanishB majorSpanish
SYB44458Me Caso El SabadoVicente FernandezSpanishG minorSpanish
SYB44528Me Esta GustandoVictor Yturbe ‘El Piruli’SpanishA majorSpanish
SYB43534Me Quede Con Las GanasPedro FernandezSpanishA majorSpanish
SYB42588Morena VenLos Hermanos RosarioSpanishD minorSpanish
SYB44110No Me Queda MasSelenaSpanishD majorSpanish
SYB45245No Soy El AireCarlos RiveraSpanishE majorSpanish
SYB44492Otra VezVictor GarciaSpanishG majorSpanish
SYB40640Para Toda La VidaBanda El RecodoSpanishDb majorSpanish
SYB43696PayasoRaphaelSpanishBb majorSpanish
SYB41226Porque Eres Mi ReinaEl Chapo De SinaloaSpanishGb majorSpanish
SYB41595Que PenaGraciela BeltranSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB40357Que Sera De MiAlejandro FernandezSpanishEb majorSpanish
SYB41597Quien Cura El CorazonGrupo 5SpanishA# majorSpanish
SYB44259QuinceañeraTimbiricheSpanishD# majorSpanish
SYB42589RompecinturaLos Hermanos RosarioSpanishD minorSpanish
SYB41776Si Una VezIvy QueenSpanishF minorSpanish
SYB43195Siempre Hay Milagros (Español)MyraSpanishD majorSpanish
SYB42590SientoLos Hermanos RosarioSpanishD majorSpanish
SYB44897Solo TuLa Nueva Banda TimbiricheSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB43673Te Compro Tu NoviaRamon OrlandoSpanishC# minorSpanish
SYB40477Te Regalo La LluviaAna BarbaraSpanishG majorSpanish
SYB41228TerrenalEl Chapo De SinaloaSpanishD majorSpanish
SYB40634Tiro De GraciaBanda El RecodoSpanishG majorSpanish
SYB42757Tristes RecuerdosLuceroSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB43669Tristes RecuerdosRamon AyalaSpanishB majorSpanish
SYB42564Tu Inolvidable SonrisaLos Freddy’sSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB44975Una De DosMarianaSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB44428Y Se Parece A TiValentin ElizaldeSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB12670A Safe Place From The StormMichael BoltonAdult ContemporaryD/EEnglish
SYB13302Faith of the HeartRod StewartPop MaleEb majorEnglish
SYB12964FootlooseKenny LogginsClassic RockA majorEnglish
SYB12140For You I WillMonicaR&B FemaleEb/CEnglish
SYB21896I Haven’t Found It YetHelen DarlingCountry ClassicsF# majorEnglish
SYB12965I’m AlrightKenny LogginsClassic RockEb majorEnglish
SYB19926SolitaireLaura Branigan1980sBb majorEnglish
SYB12968This Is ItKenny LogginsClassic RockBb/CEnglish
SYB12181What A Fool BelievesThe Doobie BrothersClassic RockBb minorEnglish
SYB10232When Love Was All We HadTony BennettStandardsF majorEnglish
SYB12969Whenever I Call You FriendKenny LogginsClassic RockC/DbEnglish
SYB20050Whenever I Call You FriendMelissa ManchesterPop FemaleBb/DEnglish
SYB18884Young At HeartBarry ManilowAdult ContemporaryAb majorEnglish
SYB100337Route 66Asleep At The WheelCountry MaleG majorEnglish
SYB21784As I Lay Me DownSophie B. HawkinsPop FemaleBb majorEnglish
SYB22134Believe Me, Baby (I Lied)Trisha YearwoodCountry FemaleDb majorEnglish
SYB15499I’ve Got A FeelingWalt MillsInspirationalF majorEnglish
SYB15547Looking for a CityClassic Gospel StyleInspirationalBb majorEnglish
SYB15577Operator (Give me Jesus on the Line)Classic Gospel StyleInspirationalD majorEnglish
SYB20205Without YouMotley CrueClassic RockF majorEnglish
SYB04716La BambaThe MariachisSpanishA majorEnglish
SYB0471423Chayce BeckhamCountry MaleC minorEnglish
SYB101055A Country Boy Can Survive (Y2K Version)Chad Brock with Hank Williams Jr. & George JonesCountry MaleD majorEnglish
SYB102833All Jokes AsideHank Williams Jr.Country MaleG majorEnglish
SYB102835Don’t Give Us A ReasonHank Williams Jr.Country MaleA majorEnglish
SYB102012Doncha Think It’s Time – Blue Moon of Kentucky (medley)Elvis PresleyOldiesC majorEnglish
SYB102836Eleven RosesHank Williams Jr.Country MaleD majorEnglish
SYB102837Heaven Can’t Be FoundHank Williams Jr.Country MaleBb majorEnglish
SYB102838Hotel WhiskeyHank Williams Jr.Country MaleE majorEnglish
SYB102840I’m For LoveHank Williams Jr.Country MaleB majorEnglish
SYB102841If Heaven Ain’t A Lot Like DixieHank Williams Jr.Country MaleF majorEnglish
SYB102842If It Will It WillHank Williams Jr.Country MaleE majorEnglish
SYB102843If The South Woulda WonHank Williams Jr.Country MaleC majorEnglish
SYB101816Love Me Over AgainDon WilliamsCountry ClassicsC majorEnglish
SYB102844Man of SteelHank Williams Jr.Country MaleC majorEnglish
SYB102845Naked Women and BeerHank Williams Jr.Country MaleA minorEnglish
SYB102846Old HabitsHank Williams Jr.Country MaleD majorEnglish
SYB101923Ride Like The WindEast Side BeatDanceF majorEnglish
SYB102855Texas Women (Young Country)Hank Williams Jr. with Butch Baker, T. Graham Brown, Steve Earle, Highway 101, Dana McVicker & Marty StuartCountry MaleD majorEnglish
SYB102850They All Want To Go Wild (And I Want To Go Home)Hank Williams Jr.Country MaleC majorEnglish
SYB102851This Ain’t DallasHank Williams Jr.Country MaleC majorEnglish
SYB102852Where Would We Be Without YankeesHank Williams Jr.Country MaleD majorEnglish
SYB102853Women I’ve Never HadHank Williams Jr.Country MaleD majorEnglish
SYB102854Young CountryHank Williams Jr.Country MaleE majorEnglish
SYB87722The Loneliest TimeCarly Rae Jepsen ft. Rufus WainwrightPop FemaleD majorEnglish
SYB73537America Will SurviveHank WilliamsCountry ClassicsD minorEnglish
SYB75641Boom Boom BoomThe Outhere BrothersDanceG minorEnglish
SYB82134F WordHank Williams Jr. & Kid RockCountry MaleD/EEnglish
SYB86097Fly AwayTones and IPop FemaleE majorEnglish
SYB83030High HopesBruce SpringsteenRock MaleA minorEnglish
SYB75526I’d Like To Teach The World To SingNo Way SisRock MaleA minorEnglish
SYB77780I’d Like To Teach The World To SingThe New SeekersClassic RockB majorEnglish
SYB86054OrwellianManic Street PreachersRock MaleC majorEnglish
SYB73285Something’s Gotten Hold of My HeartGene PitneyStandardsF# minorEnglish
SYB78541Sweet SurrenderWet Wet WetRock MaleE majorEnglish
SYB78028The Whole of the MoonThe Waterboys1980sC majorEnglish
SYB80541Violently HappyBjorkPop FemaleA minorEnglish
SYB78542Wishing I Was LuckyWet Wet WetRock MaleD minorEnglish
SYB36210La Malanga (Coros)Eddie PalmieriSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB45887FulanitoBecky G & El AlfaSpanishBb majorSpanish
SYB30283La Muy MuyAmanditititaSpanishE minorSpanish
SYB57515Give In To MeGarrett Hedlund & Leighton MeesterCountry MaleC majorEnglish
SYB42738Disco AzucarLos Van VanSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB04711Run Rudolph RunChuck BerryChristmasC majorEnglish
SYB87928Glimpse of UsJojiPop MaleAb majorEnglish
SYB107603HopeXxxtentacionHip HopF majorEnglish
SYB104475I Do (Cherish You)Mark WillsCountry MaleGb majorEnglish
SYB67110Mala MiaMaluma, Becky G & AnittaPortugueseAb minorPortuguese
SYB85525MoonlightXXXTentacionHip HopA minorEnglish
SYB71172Sometimes A FantasyBilly JoelPop MaleA minorEnglish
SYB79816The Spirit of RadioRushRock MaleE majorEnglish
SYB72963We Care A LotFaith No MoreRock MaleE minorEnglish
SYB45920PepasFarrukoSpanishE minorSpanish
SYB45656Mala MiaMalumaSpanishG# minorSpanish
SYB41526Trai La BullaFulanitoSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB42219El AmorJulio IglesiasSpanishBb minorSpanish
SYB14349Dance For MeSisqoHip HopA minorEnglish
SYB18134Do You Believe In LonelinessMarc AnthonyPop MaleBbm/CmEnglish
SYB18132Don’t Tell Me It’s LoveMarc AnthonyPop MaleB minorEnglish
SYB40654Ve Con ElBasilioSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB04707Where The Wild Things AreLuke CombsCountry MaleEb majorEnglish
SYB104985E.I.NellyHip HopD majorEnglish
SYB102644Show Me The CrossGold CityChristianBb majorEnglish
SYB101996Song For GuyElton JohnPop MaleD minorEnglish
SYB71219AgadooBlack LacePop MaleGm/CEnglish
SYB76998Have A Nice DayStereophonicsRock MaleB majorEnglish
SYB76999Hurry Up And WaitStereophonicsRock MaleBb majorEnglish
SYB77000I Wouldn’t Believe Your RadioStereophonicsRock MaleB majorEnglish
SYB77002Madame HelgaStereophonicsRock MaleB minorEnglish
SYB77004MoviestarStereophonicsRock MaleF minorEnglish
SYB71135Once Upon A DreamBilly FuryOldiesF# minorEnglish
SYB77007Pick A Part That’s NewStereophonicsRock MaleAm/GEnglish
SYB77008Step On My Old Size NinesStereophonicsRock MaleG majorEnglish
SYB79320TransmissionJoy DivisionClassic RockD minorEnglish
SYB78087Whiskey In The JarThin LizzyClassic RockG majorEnglish
SYB30334La Sombra De Este AmorAna VictoriaSpanishBb majorSpanish
SYB58635Run the World (Girls)BeyoncéR&B FemaleC majorEnglish
SYB61113Swing Da CorDaniela MercuryPortugueseF# minorPortuguese
SYB46068LLYLM (Lie Like You Love Me)RosaliaSpanishA majorSpanish
SYB14502For YouJohnny Cash & Dave MatthewsCountry ClassicsC majorEnglish
SYB18253Just A FriendBiz MarkieHip HopC majorEnglish
SYB20979Out of My Head and Back in My BedLoretta LynnCountry ClassicsD/EbEnglish
SYB87973Christmas ShoesThree of HeartsChristmasEb majorEnglish
SYB87945Golden ChildAlicia KeysPop FemaleBb minorEnglish
SYB87957Here Comes Santa ClausGene AutryChristmasDb majorEnglish
SYB87966HomecomingJames ArthurPop MaleD majorEnglish
SYB87975I’ll Be Home for ChristmasTwisted SisterRock MaleGb majorEnglish
SYB87927Learning to FlyChristina Aguilera from the movie ‘Paw Patrol’Pop FemaleG majorEnglish
SYB87934MatrimonyGilbert O’SullivanPop MaleC majorEnglish
SYB87956Oh MyFireboy DMLHip HopE majorEnglish
SYB87929Slow Dancing in the DarkJojiPop MaleEb majorEnglish
SYB87950Steal The ShowLauv from the movie ‘Elemental’Pop MaleG majorEnglish
SYB87978Take Me Home, Country RoadsLana Del ReyPop FemaleA majorEnglish
SYB87963Throw Your Arms Around MeEd SheeranPop MaleBb majorEnglish
SYB04696I Will Go Sailing No MoreRandy Newman from the movie ‘Toy Story’Pop MaleG majorEnglish
SYB04695Look Ma, No Brains!Green DayRock MaleA majorEnglish
SYB40734Algo De MiCamilo SestoSpanishD minorSpanish
SYB40493Un Viejo AmorAna GabrielSpanishC# majorSpanish
SYB40764Vivir Asi Es Morir De AmorCamilo SestoSpanishE majorSpanish
SYB44853Vivir Sin TiCamilo SestoSpanishA majorSpanish
SYB04693Alive & BreathingMatt Maher ft. Elle LimebearChristianF# majorEnglish
SYB04691Say I Won’tMercyMeChristianC majorEnglish
SYB04692The CommissionCainChristianF majorEnglish
SYB106664Love HurtsThe Everly BrothersCountry GroupA majorEnglish
SYB104377Take My Hand, Precious LordMahalia JacksonInspirationalE majorEnglish
SYB73507Elevator LoveGuy SebastianR&B MaleD majorEnglish
SYB81458People Help The PeopleBirdyPop FemaleF# majorEnglish
SYB79180The RainOran ‘Juice’ JonesR&B MaleC minorEnglish
SYB36774CuidareIntocableSpanishA majorSpanish
SYB36777DimeloIntocableSpanishD majorSpanish
SYB36780Me DuelesIntocableSpanishB majorSpanish
SYB36782Nos Falto HablarIntocableSpanishG majorSpanish
SYB34647PenasAladinoSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB35819Si Se Calla El CantorCamilo SestoSpanishG minorSpanish
SYB36787Te Amo Para SiempreIntocableSpanishA majorSpanish
SYB37356Un Muchacho PobreLa Original Banda El LimonSpanishBb minorSpanish
SYB32236Abrazame Y PerdonameLa ApuestaSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB30021ConfianzaAdolescent’s OrquestaSpanishD minorSpanish
SYB31533Herida De AmorGrupo YndioSpanishE majorSpanish
SYB33369Si Se Calla El CantorMercedes SosaSpanishB minorSpanish
SYB34000Un Muchacho PobreRoberto LiviSpanishF minorSpanish
SYB32390Yo Se Que No Es FelizLeo DanSpanishAb majorSpanish
SYB16525Love HurtsRoy OrbisonOldiesBb majorEnglish
SYB04688This Is The Thanks I Get?!Chris Pine from the movie ‘Wish’Pop MaleBb majorEnglish
SYB04689This WishAriana Debose from the movie ‘Wish’Pop FemaleF majorEnglish
SYB04678Same GodElevation Worship ft. Jonsal BarrientesChristianC# majorEnglish
SYB04677How FarTasha LaytonChristianG majorEnglish
SYB04675Mind on YouGeorge BirgeCountry MaleBb minorEnglish
SYB04676TourniquetZach BryanCountry MaleF# majorEnglish
SYB40124Si No Vas A CocinarGilberto Santa RosaSpanishG# majorSpanish
SYB46155Energia BacanaSebastian YatraSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB04626StrangersKenya GracePop FemaleB minorEnglish
SYB105351I Could Sing of Your Love ForeverPraise & WorshipInspirationalF majorEnglish
SYB101426Little Bit of LifeCraig MorganCountry MaleG majorEnglish
SYB104900Merry Christmas From The FamilyMontgomery GentryChristmasG majorEnglish
SYB105941Missing MissouriSara EvansCountry FemaleB majorEnglish
SYB80944How He LovesDavid Crowder BandInspirationalC majorEnglish
SYB38058La SillaOmegaSpanishG minorSpanish
SYB37787Solo RecuerdosMaria De Los AngelesSpanishBb minorSpanish
SYB37788Vas A LlorarMaria De Los AngelesSpanishD minorSpanish
SYB04671Hold OnKaty NicholeChristianF majorEnglish
SYB04674I’m So BlessedCAINChristianD majorEnglish
SYB04673We Don’t Fight AnymoreCarly Pearce & Chris StapletonCountry FemaleE majorEnglish
SYB103658BanditJuice WRLD ft. NBA YoungBoyHip HopF minorEnglish
SYB106165Bright Lights, Big CitySonny JamesCountry MaleF majorEnglish
SYB100407Come Dance With Me – Come Fly With Me (medley)Barry ManilowPop MaleAb majorEnglish
SYB107541Dixie RockWet WilliePop MaleD majorEnglish
SYB105347Draw Me ClosePraise & WorshipInspirationalA majorEnglish
SYB106939Hold On To HopeThe RuppesInspirationalF majorEnglish
SYB100523I’m Gonna Knock On Your DoorBilly ‘Crash’ CraddockCountry MaleG majorEnglish
SYB105357In The SecretPraise & WorshipInspirationalAb majorEnglish
SYB107379In Your FaceTy HerndonCountry MaleG majorEnglish
SYB106424Lizzie and The RainmanTanya TuckerCountry ClassicsB majorEnglish
SYB100283ShineAnna NalickPop FemaleGb majorEnglish
SYB104345The Needle and The SpoonLynyrd SkynyrdRock MaleD majorEnglish
SYB101453Walk On Water Kind of DayCrosswayChristianF majorEnglish
SYB103154We Need HopeJeff & Sheri EasterInspirationalD majorEnglish
SYB101810Woman (Sensuous Woman)Don GibsonCountry ClassicsD majorEnglish
SYB64629Ah! Se Eu PudesseAmado BatistaPortugueseG minorPortuguese
SYB65999Chopp GarotinhoFerrugemPortugueseF# minorPortuguese
SYB66090DelicinhaGabriel Gava & Naiara AzevedoPortugueseA minorPortuguese
SYB66592DevaneioJorge VercilloPortugueseF# minorPortuguese
SYB66593Deve SerJorge VercilloPortugueseG majorPortuguese
SYB67570Espero A Minha VezNX ZeroPortugueseF majorPortuguese
SYB66075Há Três Beijos AtrásGabriel & Rafael, Jorge & MateusPortugueseD majorPortuguese
SYB66829Hoje A Noite É NossaLarissa ManoelaPortugueseB minorPortuguese
SYB66095Lugar SecretoGabriela RochaPortugueseA minorPortuguese
SYB64667O Amor Vai VencerAmado BatistaPortugueseA minorPortuguese
SYB64673O PríncipeAmado BatistaPortugueseE minorPortuguese
SYB67257O Que É Que Você Viu Em MimMarília MendonçaPortugueseBb majorPortuguese
SYB67567Reina Sobre MimNivea SoaresPortugueseA majorPortuguese
SYB66884Solidão Por PertoLeandro & LeonardoPortugueseD majorPortuguese
SYB66595Toda EsperaJorge VercilloPortugueseA minorPortuguese
SYB79085AfterglowGenesisRock MaleD minorEnglish
SYB70364Als Jij Had GedachtWesly BronkhorstWorldE minorDutch
SYB74400Annie I’m Not Your DaddyKid Creole & The Coconuts1980sE majorEnglish
SYB80910Drunken SailorIrish RoversIrishE minorEnglish
SYB70317Forever As OneVengaboysDanceD majorDutch
SYB70078LaapataEk Tha TigerWorldG majorHindi
SYB76911Leap Up And Down (Wave Your Knickers In The Air)St. CeciliaOldiesG majorEnglish
SYB82701Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall In Love)StandardStandardsBb majorEnglish
SYB83078LunaBombay Bicycle ClubRock MaleF majorEnglish
SYB86243Marmor, Stein Und EisenbrichtDrafi DeutscherGermanE/FGerman
SYB74401Stool PigeonKid Creole & The Coconuts1980sFm/BbmEnglish
SYB85871What Lies AheadKensingtonRock MaleC# majorEnglish
SYB36915Cuando Estoy Con ElJeanetteSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB38452De Mexico A CaliforniaRaphaelSpanishAb majorSpanish
SYB38454Despues De Tanto AmorRaphaelSpanishB minorSpanish
SYB38456Dile Que VuelvaRaphaelSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB37790El AusenteMaria Dolores PraderaSpanishD minorSpanish
SYB38272Esta NochePanteon RococoSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB36824GuasasaIsmael MirandaSpanishB majorSpanish
SYB37783Me AbandonasteMaria De Los AngelesSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB37784MentirasMaria De Los AngelesSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB36185Mi ConsentidaDavid BustamanteSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB38579No Me LlamesSebastian Yatra & AlkiladosSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB34766Si Hoy Fuera AyerAlci AcostaSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB36918Si Te Vas Te VasJeanetteSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB38663SucesosThe Latin BrothersSpanishA majorSpanish
SYB39085Un Buen Amigo Que Un Mal AmorZacarias FerreiraSpanishA majorSpanish
SYB36921Un Dia Es Un DiaJeanetteSpanishF minorSpanish
SYB35517Vamos A RegresarBanda MachSpanishD minorSpanish
SYB32499Atras De La RayaLos ApsonSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB33323Hablame Del Mar MarineroMarisolSpanishF minorSpanish
SYB30278Hagamos Un TratoAmanda MiguelSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB33873No Puedo Arrancarte De MiRaphaelSpanishF# minorSpanish
SYB34434Prieto AzabacheVicente FernandezSpanishG majorSpanish
SYB31853Princesas MagicasJesus Adrian RomeroSpanishD majorSpanish
SYB31204Vamos A Amarnos DespacioEmmanuelSpanishD majorSpanish
SYB62931EncaixaMC Kevinho e Léo SantanaPortugueseG minorPortuguese
SYB61669Meu Último AmorGian e GiovaniPortugueseF# majorPortuguese
SYB62553MultiplicaLuan SantanaPortugueseEb minorPortuguese
SYB63241Na ContramãoPaula FernandesPortugueseB minorPortuguese
SYB63242Não Fui EuPaula FernandesPortugueseG majorPortuguese
SYB64430Nois NamoraZezé Di Camargo e LucianoPortugueseD minorPortuguese
SYB61678Vai Pescar MoçadaGian e GiovaniPortugueseF# minorPortuguese
SYB40901Amada MiaCheo FelicianoSpanishEb majorSpanish
SYB04670Perfectly LovedRachael Lampa ft. tobyMacChristianF# minorEnglish
SYB04669Praise You AnywhereBrandon LakeChristianB majorEnglish
SYB04668Then Christ CameMercyMeChristianAb majorEnglish
SYB106635Just Like HeavenThe CureClassic RockA majorEnglish
SYB104973The Luckiest Man In The WorldNeal McCoyCountry MaleE majorEnglish
SYB04450Same Heartbreak, Different DayRichard MarxPop MaleG majorEnglish
SYB71769A Lover’s HolidayChangeSoulDm/AmEnglish
SYB83712Bang ThatDisclosureDanceB minorEnglish
SYB64055EpitáfioTitãsPortugueseG majorPortuguese
SYB04449NonsenseSabrina CarpenterPop FemaleF minorEnglish
SYB04663Falling BehindLaufeyPop FemaleG majorEnglish
SYB04665Out of My HandsJeremy CampChristianB majorEnglish
SYB04666Sarah’s PlaceZach Bryan ft. Noah KahanCountry MaleG majorEnglish
SYB102442A Feelin’ Like ThatGary AllanCountry MaleEb majorEnglish
SYB107376A Man Holdin’ OnTy HerndonCountry MaleD majorEnglish
SYB106192A Random Act of Senseless KindnessSouth 65Country GroupC majorEnglish
SYB104018Always Wanting More (Breathless)Lane TurnerCountry MaleE majorEnglish
SYB104937Angel On My ShoulderNatalie ColePop FemaleBb majorEnglish
SYB105962Another SideSawyer BrownCountry MaleG majorEnglish
SYB105963Can You Hear Me NowSawyer BrownCountry MaleC# majorEnglish
SYB104894Cold One Comin’ OnMontgomery GentryCountry MaleAb majorEnglish
SYB101507Cowboys Don’t CryDaron NorwoodCountry MaleG majorEnglish
SYB101113Dancing Your Memory AwayCharly McClainCountry FemaleD majorEnglish
SYB101395Desperado LoveConway Twitty & Loretta LynnCountry MaleG majorEnglish
SYB105965Did It For LoveSawyer BrownCountry GroupG majorEnglish
SYB101119Dream PoliceCheap TrickRock MaleBb minorEnglish
SYB101884Electric BarbarellaDuran DuranPop MaleD majorEnglish
SYB100189Forget About ItAlison Krauss & Union StationBluegrassE majorEnglish
SYB103863From Hillbilly Heaven To Honky Tonk HellKenny ChesneyCountry MaleF majorEnglish
SYB105034Good FriendNine DaysRock MaleA majorEnglish
SYB103168Here’s The DealJeff CarsonCountry MaleG majorEnglish
SYB103149High LonesomeJedd HughesCountry MaleA majorEnglish
SYB104897Hillbilly ShoesMontgomery GentryCountry MaleD majorEnglish
SYB104025Houston (Means I’m One Day Closer To You)Larry GatlinCountry MaleG majorEnglish
SYB101423I Got YouCraig MorganCountry MaleEb majorEnglish
SYB105541I Keep On Loving YouReba McEntireCountry FemaleBb majorEnglish
SYB105966I Need A GirlfriendSawyer BrownCountry GroupF# majorEnglish
SYB100226I’ll Try AnythingAmber DotsonCountry FemaleF majorEnglish
SYB102698If I Could Do It All AgainGretchen WilsonCountry FemaleA majorEnglish
SYB101350If I Talk To HimConnie SmithCountry FemaleBb majorEnglish
SYB101120If You Want My LoveCheap TrickRock MaleE majorEnglish
SYB103244It’s A Girl ThingJesse LeeCountry MaleBb majorEnglish
SYB107193Kiss and RunTommy RoePop MaleBb majorEnglish
SYB105416Little MaggieRalph StanleyBluegrassB majorEnglish
SYB104899Long Line of LosersMontgomery GentryCountry MaleD majorEnglish
SYB105969Lookin’ For LoveSawyer BrownCountry GroupDb majorEnglish
SYB103239Lord, Mr. FordJerry ReedCountry MaleB majorEnglish
SYB101428Love RemembersCraig MorganCountry MaleC majorEnglish
SYB106616Nine Pound HammerThe Country GentlemenCountry GroupA majorEnglish
SYB101152No Love SongsChris CagleCountry MaleA majorEnglish
SYB101785Old Flames Can’t Hold A Candle To YouDolly PartonCountry FemaleC# majorEnglish
SYB104901One In Every CrowdMontgomery GentryCountry MaleB majorEnglish
SYB104902Oughta Be More Songs About ThatMontgomery GentryCountry MaleGb majorEnglish
SYB105448Out of My BonesRandy TravisCountry MaleEb majorEnglish
SYB105970Perfect WorldSawyer BrownCountry GroupBb majorEnglish
SYB100856Play Something CountryBrooks & DunnCountry GroupG majorEnglish
SYB105418Pretty PollyRalph StanleyBluegrassA majorEnglish
SYB105971Puttin’ The Dark Back Into The NightSawyer BrownCountry GroupA majorEnglish
SYB102941Raining In L.A.IIIrd Tyme OutBluegrassB majorEnglish
SYB103274Remember ThatJessica SimpsonCountry FemaleAb majorEnglish
SYB100196RestlessAlison Krauss & Union StationCountry GroupD majorEnglish
SYB102557She Thinks I Still CareGeorge JonesCountry ClassicsA majorEnglish
SYB105972Small TalkSawyer BrownCountry GroupE majorEnglish
SYB105973Smokin’ Hot WifeSawyer BrownCountry GroupD majorEnglish
SYB101196Stealing CinderellaChuck WicksCountry MaleAb majorEnglish
SYB107198Sweet PeaTommy RoePop MaleA majorEnglish
SYB104037Take Me To Your Lovin’ PlaceLarry GatlinCountry MaleF majorEnglish
SYB100261Tattoo RoseAndy GriggsCountry MaleA majorEnglish
SYB102540TendernessGeneral Public1980sC majorEnglish
SYB107434That Scares MeVan ZantCountry GroupGb majorEnglish
SYB105186That’s The TruthPaul BrandtCountry MaleE majorEnglish
SYB102066The Next Step Is LoveElvis PresleyOldiesEb majorEnglish
SYB105975The WalkSawyer BrownCountry GroupD majorEnglish
SYB101155Til A Woman Comes AlongChris JansonCountry MaleC majorEnglish
SYB102070U. S. MaleElvis PresleyOldiesA majorEnglish
SYB104023What A Woman WantsLari WhiteCountry FemaleB majorEnglish
SYB101322What The Heart WantsCollin RayeCountry MaleE majorEnglish
SYB105978When Love Comes Callin’Sawyer BrownCountry GroupE majorEnglish
SYB105426Whistlin’ DixieRandy HouserCountry MaleDb majorEnglish
SYB104804Who’s Your DaddyMike WalkerCountry MaleF majorEnglish
SYB103460Working ManJohn ConleeCountry MaleC majorEnglish
SYB74160A Thing Called LoveJohnny CashCountry ClassicsC majorEnglish
SYB75701Alberta BoundPaul BrandtCountry MaleE majorEnglish
SYB85792Can’t Fight This FeelingBastillePop MaleA majorEnglish
SYB74409Four Letter WordKim WildePop FemaleE majorEnglish
SYB83873Good TimesElla EyrePop FemaleG# minorEnglish
SYB72737Guitar ManElvis PresleyOldiesDb majorEnglish
SYB83236Heart And SoulTwin AtlanticRock MaleD minorEnglish
SYB81449Here For A Good TimeGeorge StraitCountry ClassicsF# majorEnglish
SYB83551HonestKodalineRock MaleA minorEnglish
SYB72243Making ItDavid NaughtonOldiesD minorEnglish
SYB72075Pied PiperCrispian St PetersOldiesB majorEnglish
SYB81104She Thinks I Still CareElvis PresleyOldiesBb majorEnglish
SYB83672The OneKodalineRock MaleA majorEnglish
SYB81084When I Get To Where I’m GoingBrad Paisley ft. Dolly PartonCountry MaleC majorEnglish
SYB73087When She Was My GirlFour TopsOldiesF majorEnglish
SYB84873Where’s The RevolutionDepeche ModeRock MaleCm/FmEnglish
SYB81949Write Your Name (Across My Heart)Kenny RogersCountry ClassicsG majorEnglish
SYB38408DameloRamon AyalaSpanishEb majorSpanish
SYB38410Debajo De Aquel ArbolRamon AyalaSpanishA majorSpanish
SYB37043En El Ultimo MinutoJimmy Gonzalez Y Grupo MazzSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB38413Jardin OlvidadoRamon AyalaSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB38414Juramos AmarnosRamon AyalaSpanishA majorSpanish
SYB38415La Mitad Del MundoRamon AyalaSpanishAb majorSpanish
SYB36784Platicando Con La SoledadIntocableSpanishEb majorSpanish
SYB37044Quiero VolarJimmy Gonzalez Y Grupo MazzSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB38493Rey PobreRaul Garcia Y Su Grupo KabildoSpanishA majorSpanish
SYB37502Un Adios Por TelefonoLa Tropa ChicanaSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB32647Arrancame El CorazonLos Horoscopos De DurangoSpanishEb majorSpanish
SYB31531Dame Un Beso Y Dime AdiosGrupo YndioSpanishA majorSpanish
SYB32665El ColumpioLos Huracanes Del NorteSpanishAb majorSpanish
SYB31850No Merecia Tanto AmorJesus Adrian RomeroSpanishG minorSpanish
SYB31663Parece Que NoIntocableSpanishC minorSpanish
SYB33154Pena Por TiLuis SeguraSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB33079Te Traigo Estas FloresLucha VillaSpanishG majorSpanish
SYB31630Tu Tienes Que Vivir ConmigoHumildesSpanishB majorSpanish
SYB34357Vete Con ElValentin ElizaldeSpanishG majorSpanish
SYB33854Ya Te ViRamon AyalaSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB59292She’s TightCheap TrickRock MaleE majorEnglish
SYB64385AlmaZelia DuncanPortugueseA majorPortuguese
SYB63961Liberar GeralTerrasambaPortugueseA minorPortuguese
SYB43670Arrancame El CorazonRamon AyalaSpanishA majorSpanish
SYB43659Dulce AmorRamon AyalaSpanishG# majorSpanish
SYB43663Quemame Los OjosRamon AyalaSpanishA# majorSpanish
SYB43666Titere En Tus ManosRamon AyalaSpanishG# majorSpanish
SYB43668Una CartaRamon AyalaSpanishE majorSpanish
SYB10341Sugar ShackJerry Glimer & The FireballsOldiesG majorEnglish
SYB04659Boys of FaithZach BryanCountry MaleC# majorEnglish
SYB04661White HorseChris StapletonCountry MaleC# minorEnglish
SYB46150BipolarPeso Pluma, Jasiel Nuñez & Junior HSpanishA majorSpanish
SYB46147Mambo 23Juan Luis GuerraSpanishBb majorSpanish
SYB46146Mi Bello AngelNatanael CanoSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB102834Attitude AdjustmentHank Williams Jr.Country MaleD majorEnglish
SYB107499Away In A MangerWaylon JenningsChristmasD majorEnglish
SYB102849The American DreamHank Williams Jr.Country MaleC majorEnglish
SYB100148The Blues ManAlan JacksonCountry MaleG majorEnglish
SYB85605Think About UsLittle Mix ft. Ty Dolla SignPop FemaleC minorEnglish
SYB02827Pray For MeThe Weeknd & Kendrick LamarHip HopE minorEnglish
SYB04644Burn It DownParker McCollumCountry MaleD majorEnglish
SYB04647Trust in GodElevation Worship ft. Chris BrownChristianC majorEnglish
SYB1005008 (Eight)Billie EilishPop FemaleG minorEnglish
SYB100501Come Out and PlayBillie EilishPop FemaleC majorEnglish
SYB100502CopycatBillie EilishPop FemaleE minorEnglish
SYB100503GoodbyeBillie EilishPop FemaleB minorEnglish
SYB100504HostageBillie EilishPop FemaleA minorEnglish
SYB100505I Love YouBillie EilishPop FemaleC majorEnglish
SYB100507IlomiloBillie EilishPop FemaleA majorEnglish
SYB100508Listen Before I GoBillie EilishPop FemaleE minorEnglish
SYB102576OneGeorge Jones & Tammy WynetteCountry ClassicsE majorEnglish
SYB100511When I Was OlderBillie EilishPop FemaleGb minorEnglish
SYB100512Wish You Were GayBillie EilishPop FemaleG majorEnglish
SYB100513XannyBillie EilishPop FemaleA majorEnglish
SYB100514You Should See Me In A CrownBillie EilishPop FemaleAb minorEnglish
SYB87716idontwannabeyouanymoreBillie EilishPop FemaleG majorEnglish
SYB87644TVBillie EilishPop FemaleE minorEnglish
SYB69470Nesse EmbaloFerrugemPortugueseD minorPortuguese
SYB64583Tira Ela De MimAlexandre PiresPortugueseBb majorPortuguese
SYB85752All The Good Girls Go To HellBillie EilishPop FemaleG# minorEnglish
SYB85858BellyacheBillie EilishPop FemaleE minorEnglish
SYB85272FantasyGeorge Michael ft. Nile RodgersPop MaleB majorEnglish
SYB76078FreedomRobbie WilliamsPop MaleD minorEnglish
SYB73334Heal The PainGeorge MichaelPop MaleD majorEnglish
SYB75619Just A Song About Ping PongOperator PleaseRock FemaleB minorEnglish
SYB82127LanguagePorter RobinsonDanceD majorEnglish
SYB80569Last ChristmasTaylor SwiftPop FemaleF majorEnglish
SYB73339Praying For TimeGeorge MichaelPop MaleBb majorEnglish
SYB79826The Edge of HeavenWham!1980sA minorEnglish
SYB73348This Is Not Real LoveGeorge Michael ft. MutyaPop MaleF minorEnglish
SYB79421Wham! Rap! (Enjoy What You Do)Wham!1980sA minorEnglish
SYB82131White LightGeorge MichaelPop MaleB minorEnglish
SYB32001Piel De AzucarJose JoseSpanishDb majorSpanish
SYB59154I Love the DeadAlice CooperRock MaleE minorEnglish
SYB04641Holy ForeverChris TomlinChristianC# majorEnglish
SYB04640Love God Love PeopleDanny GokeyChristianEb majorEnglish
SYB04643New LightJohn MayerPop MaleG majorEnglish
SYB04642To Not Worship YouMercyMeChristianC# majorEnglish
SYB103334A Joyful NoiseJo Dee MessinaCountry FemaleG majorEnglish
SYB105278Barbed Wire and RosesPinMonkeyCountry GroupB majorEnglish
SYB102008C’mon EverybodyElvis PresleyOldiesE majorEnglish
SYB103713Can’t Help Falling In LoveKacey MusgravesCountry FemaleA majorEnglish
SYB105646Can’t Help Falling In LoveRichard MarxPop MaleB minorEnglish
SYB106177ChangeSons of the DesertCountry GroupG majorEnglish
SYB106375I CryTammy CochranCountry FemaleEb majorEnglish
SYB102024I Got StungElvis PresleyOldiesE majorEnglish
SYB104389If I Can DreamMåneskin from ‘Elvis’ movie (2022)Rock MaleBb minorEnglish
SYB102032If I Get Home On Christmas DayElvis PresleyChristmasE majorEnglish
SYB103243Primrose LaneJerry WallaceCountry MaleG majorEnglish
SYB102053Santa Bring My Baby BackElvis PresleyChristmasC majorEnglish
SYB103143Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless ChildJazmine Sullivan from ‘Elvis’ movie (2022)Pop FemaleF minorEnglish
SYB86155After AllElton John, Charlie PuthPop MaleF minorEnglish
SYB84489AlmostElvis PresleyOldiesG majorEnglish
SYB85039Blue On BlackKenny Wayne ShepherdRock MaleG majorEnglish
SYB72734G.I. BluesElvis PresleyOldiesDb minorEnglish
SYB76348I Hope You DanceRonan KeatingPop MaleD majorEnglish
SYB84492It Hurts MeElvis PresleyOldiesB majorEnglish
SYB84493Let Yourself GoElvis PresleyOldiesF# minorEnglish
SYB73009Take A PictureFilterRock MaleD minorEnglish
SYB76561Tears On My PillowKylie MinoguePop FemaleC/GEnglish
SYB74193Tears On My PillowSha Na NaShow TunesD/AmEnglish
SYB73010The Best ThingsFilterRock MaleG minorEnglish
SYB32846Me Quede ContigoLos Teen TopsSpanishA majorSpanish
SYB59415Frankie and JohnnyElvis PresleyPop MaleC majorEnglish
SYB14094I’m Not SleepingTiffanyPop FemaleG majorEnglish
SYB04333Die For YouJojiPop MaleEb majorEnglish
SYB04636Heart of GodZach WilliamsChristianBb majorEnglish
SYB04639I Believe It (The Life of Jesus)Jon ReddickChristianBb majorEnglish
SYB04638Less Like MeZach WilliamsChristianBb majorEnglish
SYB46121PlebadaEl Alfa & Peso PlumaSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB100830Can You Feel My HeartBring Me The HorizonRock MaleC majorEnglish
SYB101541Fly Away AgainDave DudleyCountry MaleA majorEnglish
SYB104512I Ain’t Goin’ NowhereMartina McBrideCountry FemaleGb majorEnglish
SYB101544Last Day In The MinesDave DudleyCountry MaleC# majorEnglish
SYB101546Me and Old C.B.Dave DudleyCountry MaleE majorEnglish
SYB100515Misty BlueBillie Jo SpearsCountry FemaleF majorEnglish
SYB100619Ol’ RedBlake SheltonCountry MaleF minorEnglish
SYB101954Rocky Mountain MusicEddie RabbittCountry MaleG majorEnglish
SYB100674Shame On The MoonBob SegerClassic RockA majorEnglish
SYB100834SleepwalkingBring Me The HorizonRock MaleBb majorEnglish
SYB105688Somebody’s Gonna LoseRicky Van SheltonCountry MaleF majorEnglish
SYB83549DrownBring Me The HorizonRock MaleC# minorEnglish
SYB78265Little DonkeyTraditionalChristmasC majorEnglish
SYB79446Smash It UpThe OffspringRock MaleE minorEnglish
SYB81303Stars On The WaterGeorge StraitCountry ClassicsA majorEnglish
SYB87922LipstickCharlie PuthPop MaleC majorEnglish
SYB87916Party Fears TwoThe AssociatesPop MaleG majorEnglish
SYB87919Single SoonSelena GomezPop FemaleD majorEnglish
SYB87913VertigoGriffPop FemaleD majorEnglish
SYB87896Waltzing MatildaTraditionalStandardsD majorEnglish
SYB87898With YouOliver TreePop MaleD majorEnglish
SYB87925World Shut Your MouthJulian CopeRock MaleB majorEnglish
SYB04634Ain’t NobodyCody CarnesChristianA majorEnglish
SYB04632God, Turn it AroundJon ReddickChristianA majorEnglish
SYB04635Running HomeCochren & Co.ChristianD majorEnglish
SYB04633Who I AmBen FullerChristianD majorEnglish
SYB04560MakebaJainPop FemaleG minorEnglish
SYB04533Princess DianaIce Spice & Nicki MinajHip HopE minorEnglish
SYB04521I’m Shakin’Jack WhiteRock MaleE majorEnglish
SYB78738The Real MeThe WhoClassic RockD minorEnglish
SYB18038Something In The AirThunderclap NewmanClassic RockE majorEnglish
SYB105905Ain’t Nuthin’ But A She ThingSalt-N-PepaR&B FemaleDb majorEnglish
SYB106580Have Yourself A Merry Little ChristmasThe CarpentersChristmasF majorEnglish
SYB100664KayaBob Marley and The WailersReggaeB majorEnglish
SYB100665Put It OnBob Marley and The WailersReggaeC majorEnglish
SYB100666Satisfy My SoulBob Marley and The WailersReggaeE minorEnglish
SYB100667Small AxeBob Marley and The WailersReggaeB majorEnglish
SYB101623Something HereDay WavePop MaleBb majorEnglish
SYB100671Try MeBob Marley and The WailersReggaeD majorEnglish
SYB84606ExodusBob Marley & The WailersReggaeA minorEnglish
SYB85971Lively Up YourselfBob Marley and The WailersReggaeG minorEnglish
SYB72021RendezvousCraig DavidPop MaleF majorEnglish
SYB85936Soul RebelBob MarleyReggaeB minorEnglish
SYB71333Sun Is ShiningBob Marley vs Funkstar De LuxeReggaeE minorEnglish
SYB85678This LifeVampire WeekendRock MaleA/DEnglish
SYB38311El Diablo Que Se Lo CreaPaquita La Del BarrioSpanishG majorSpanish
SYB38333Tu Ultima ParadaPaquita La Del BarrioSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB30375Amor Amor AmorAnnette MorenoSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB30377Bajate De La CanoaAnnette MorenoSpanishC minorSpanish
SYB31927ContigoJoaquin SabinaSpanishD majorSpanish
SYB30961El Secreto CalladoDiego VerdaguerSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB30964NenaDiego VerdaguerSpanishF# majorSpanish
SYB30955Simplemente AmorDiego Verdaguer & Amanda MiguelSpanishBb minorSpanish
SYB57881Sing AlongBlue Man Group & Dave MatthewsPop MaleBb minorEnglish
SYB18265Whatta ManSalt ‘N Pepa & En VogueHip HopG majorEnglish
SYB40176Gavilan O PalomaJose JoseSpanishC minorSpanish
SYB23306Unexpected LoveEsnaviR&B FemaleB minorEnglish
SYB46140Pátio Do PostoZé Neto & CristianoPortugueseF# majorPortuguese
SYB04629I Remember EverythingZach Bryan ft. Kacey MusgravesCountry MaleA minorEnglish
SYB04630In Your LoveTyler ChildersCountry MaleG majorEnglish
SYB04631My God Is Still the SameSanctus RealChristianC# majorEnglish
SYB04628My Love Mine All MineMitskiPop FemaleA majorEnglish
SYB101725Buttons and BowsDinah ShoreOldiesD majorEnglish
SYB74331BedshapedKeaneRock MaleDb minorEnglish
SYB71854Driving Home For ChristmasChris ReaChristmasA majorEnglish
SYB78117Now I Can DanceTina ArenaPop FemaleBb majorEnglish
SYB34614No Puedo Ser Tu AmigoAdolescent’s OrquestaSpanishB minorSpanish
SYB31782OvariosJenni RiveraSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB04617DeliIce SpiceHip HopG# minorEnglish
SYB04618DemonsDoja CatHip HopC minorEnglish
SYB04620FeatherSabrina CarpenterPop FemaleA majorEnglish
SYB04624MoonlightKali UchisPop FemaleG minorEnglish
SYB04612Child of LoveWe The Kingdom ft. Bear RinehartChristianG majorEnglish
SYB04615God Is in This StoryKaty Nichole & Big Daddy WeaveChristianB majorEnglish
SYB04613Honey in the RockBrooke Ligertwood & Brandon LakeChristianD majorEnglish
SYB04614Yes He CanCainChristianEb majorEnglish
SYB104435A Hard Secret To KeepMark ChesnuttCountry MaleB minorEnglish
SYB102276Blue Morning, Blue DayForeignerRock MaleB minorEnglish
SYB105350I Believe In JesusPraise & WorshipInspirationalE majorEnglish
SYB39414Si SupierasRaulin RodriguezSpanishD majorSpanish
SYB78115I Want To Know What Love IsTina ArenaPop FemaleEb minorEnglish
SYB73064Juke Box HeroForeigner1980sE minorEnglish
SYB79837LollipopLil’ Wayne & Static MajorHip HopD minorEnglish
SYB82188Please Don’t Ask MeJohn FarnhamPop MaleBb majorEnglish
SYB38049Alante AlanteOmegaSpanishG minorSpanish
SYB36914Comienzame A VivirJeanetteSpanishA majorSpanish
SYB36949El DesquiteJenni RiveraSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB36962La Maestra Del ContrabandoJenni RiveraSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB36966La Reina Del PalenqueJenni RiveraSpanishAb majorSpanish
SYB35881Mi Eterno Amor SecretoCarin LeonSpanishD majorSpanish
SYB36976Ni Tu Esposa Ni Tu AmanteJenni RiveraSpanishD majorSpanish
SYB35119Si SupierasAlfredo GutierrezSpanishAb minorSpanish
SYB39081Te Lo Pido A GritosZacarias FerreiraSpanishF# minorSpanish
SYB36920Toda La Noche Oliendo A TiJeanetteSpanishC minorSpanish
SYB31765Dama DivinaJenni RiveraSpanishEb majorSpanish
SYB32631Es Mejor Decir AdiosLos Freddy’sSpanishA majorSpanish
SYB31751Frente A FrenteJeanetteSpanishC minorSpanish
SYB31771Homenaje A Mi MadreJenni RiveraSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB31772Jefa De JefasJenni RiveraSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB31776Mariposa De BarrioJenni RiveraSpanishA minorSpanish
SYB31777Mi Vida LocaJenni RiveraSpanishC majorSpanish
SYB32586Por Culpa De Tu AmorLos Cuatro SolesSpanishE minorSpanish
SYB33424Volvio JuanitaMilly QuezadaSpanishF# minorSpanish
SYB44662Cuando Muere Una DamaJenni RiveraSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB43308Si Ya No EstasN’klabe, Rakim & Ken-YSpanishF majorSpanish
SYB23907PrayJustin BieberPop MaleB majorEnglish
SYB18645Thoroughly Modern Milliefrom the musical ‘Thoroughly Modern Millie’Show TunesF majorEnglish
SYB04610EvidenceJosh BaldwinChristianG majorEnglish
SYB04609The Father’s HouseCory AsburyChristianDb majorEnglish
SYB04608This is HalloweenDanny Elfman from ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’NoveltyC minorEnglish
SYB04611This is Our GodPhil WickhamChristianC majorEnglish